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badlands updated

I just spent all day updating my website, which I haven't done since... like, the dawn of time June.

The only part that is substantially prettier (and it is AMAZINGLY PRETTY) is my Stargate page, which stars_like_dust redid. She is going to make my site PRETTY!!! YAY!!

There is lots of new or newly-uploaded-to-site fic (10 Stargate stories -- including shipwithpants pants!verse and mini!OTP fic, 6 Atlantis stories, 2 X-Files fics and 1 Voyager fic). Not all of these have been posted to livejournal or other places yet. I may do that tomorrow if I can herd together a few brain cells.

I also found and uploaded one of my Very Early Voyager Fanfics, in which B'Elanna Torres is whisked away to an alternate universe where she must pretend to be Chakotay's wife. Oh, yes. It's too long to be mocked in full quickly, but it contains holodeck slow-dancing to pre-Titanic Celine Dion, so I think I need to own up to that sort of shame in order for my conscience to be clear. Download it for blackmail purposes before I come to my senses.

... out of the badlands

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