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dividing by fractions

Apparently, according to a plethora of emails from around the period of the Freshman/Sophomore Divide (otherwise known as the summer of 2001) that I cleared out of my russiandeptwench hotmail box this morning, the Russian department grad student girls used to call me their drunken cocker spaniel. Yeah, wish I remembered what *that* was all about. If I get myself together I might hang with secret agent bombshell today; I'll have to ask her.

I feel weird today, like I sometimes do when I've forgotten to take my asthma meds (which I haven't) and am low on both oxygen and the mood-altering properties of stimulants. I suppose is in no small way related to the fact that I still sort of feel like I'm operating my body and mouth by distant, intermittent remote control (I find myself lying as I retell stories because my brain has gotten distracted and has stopped paying attention). My nights and days, dreams and actions, still feel fairly interchangeable. If anything, I actually felt *more* coherent when I broke down and had a drink last night (the new Stargate ep definitely necessitated a round of Drinking Stargate). Could be because my real evening involved a three-legged hamster alternately named "Tripod" and "Walter Perry", and a potential homicide at the TGIFriday's.

I want to disappear from outside stimulation and knit in a very small room for awhile. I want to swim freestyle until I can't feel my body at all, almost like I feel right now, but things always feel normal in the water.

In other news, Over the Rhine has a new song called nobody number one that I, of course, love. You can download here, although the link might change to a different song once the calendar switches over to February -- I think the song was only up for download for a month. Over the Rhine is one group that absolutely never fails to reach inside me. If there was a single musical group on the planet that was me, they would so, so be it for no logical reason at all.

-- Little Red, who typed a lot for having nothing to say

p.s. jupiterempath? Patriots gleee party tomorrow? OhmygodSuperbowl!!!

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