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5 good things about today:

1. The Red Sox are in the World Series, and I got to see most of the game, and it was a good game and then we won. Italics added by scribe for greater illumination of the gleee.

2. I got to see WAH! live! I caught the end of her kirtan after work :)

3. Worked with favourite co-workers. *sniffle* that it's Liza's last day before she's off to India, but YAY that I managed to work with her on her last day!

4. Played with my friend's kids this morning!! Mikay is all grown-up at 9 and is mature and great and over her unsociable phase (poor kitten has hated every single day of school since the very first one, and is only in grade FOUR. God, that's got to grate), and Isabelle is still the cutest child ever at 6 years old. Like, Cindy Brady cute, and loving school because she is so outgoing. I got to play cards.

And, for Kappa record? I was taught how to actually play Indian-Head. It involves betting, which, really, makes it make a lot more sense as an actual game. They did not like our version of "yell a topic and everyone gives an answer really fast HEAD!", sadly. Apparently one must be in college and drunk to appreciate that.

5. Got told several times today, by customers and old family acquaintances and other random people, that I am beautiful. *shrugs*

3 things I did well:

1. ROCKED the insanely busy workplace and handled all minor mental collapses smoothly without annoying customers :)

2. Was all hostess-y this morning, and fooled numerous people into believing I am oh-so-healthy, which gets me one step closer to fooling myself :).

3. Confronted and made up with Dad, finally. I think (I hope) we are mostly good now, and have a lot of things to think about on the self-improvement front. Was told that he thinks I may have the potential to reach enlightenment someday. I think I will have to stop writing bad science-fiction porn with pirated characters first.


In news of *future* gleee, barring the usual health and expected disasters, I am headed to Providence for real this time tomorrow! Meeting yay, Red Sox yay, andalsoyes yay for hosting me and potentially organizing SOC SOC KNITTING...

-- Little Red

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