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the PHOC is my oyster


I shouldn't have gone out last night. And by "gone out" I mean "go out for ice cream with secret agent bombshell and return home by 9 freaking 30." Literally, the tamest sort of going out ever. Then I slept it off for 11+ hours.

And now, once more, I feel as though little tiny straws have been inserted into all of my cells and all the energy has been removed by some sort of swanky extraterrestrial means.

Possibly because I was doing a lot of running and screaming in the

I need to remember that *especially* when tired and distracted my brain tends to suck up televised stimuli for later unconscious processing. Before going to sleep I watched a Stargate episode in which everybody's memories were replaced, resulting in them galivanting around a power plant all dirty and sweaty (yay!) and making flirty noises at each other. All great fun, possibly my new favourite episode.

Somehow this resulted in me dreaming that me and Genna-from-kappa and Lyndsey-from-home (not Lindsay-from-kappa) being on some cross-country road trip, and somewhere in, I kid you not, "Rhode Island, Missouri" we ended up in the home of some doctor guy and his family to ask for directions, and ended up staying for dinner. Where Genna and Lyndsey proceeded to forget who they were and start thinking that they were a part of this guy's family. Through some fancy camera-angle action provided by my unconscious mind, I determined that the memory-erasing stuff was in the food, and so I didn't eat it, and just pretended that I thought I was everybody's sister. Then there was lots of running and screaming and attempting to escape when they caught on to me (naturally), and eventually I escaped the guy's house, only to end up in this freaky-ass town known as Rhode Island, Missouri where everyone was somehow complicit in this doctor's evil scheme, because he owned all the stores. Or something.

So, basically, I was kidnapped and brain-sucked by a corporate mogul. Huh. Not nearly as entertaining as the Stargate ep, a lot scarier, and no attractive people were flirting with me.

Anyway, I'm tired and feel like ass, and have actual stuff to do today for the first time in weeks. It's bad when I start thinking "Well, it wouldn't be so bad if I slept through today, I could wake up tomorrow and maybe the Patriots will already have won." I AM CONSIDERING SLEEPING THROUGH THE SUPERBOWL!!!! Maybe I need an exorcist.

I would shake my fist at the sky, but that would seem to require effort.


-- Little Red, who is so glad she doesn't have to get out of bed to use the computer

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