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My Vote Is Worth My Righteous Indignation

They TRAGICALLY took out the levers in the local polling station, so now I had to vote with felt pens just like I had to in Rhode Island last time. How dull.

Nonetheless, I love voting! Yay! It is so very fun, ticking the little boxes. I totally vote even for people who run unopposed.

I also take great comfort in the fact that my vote really doesn't count at all (since my state is pretty much decided in all regards, not in the way where my vote actually *should* count and doesn't through evil machinations), since I am fabulously under-educated on a lot of this stuff. WHERE IS vagenna when I need her to tell me who to vote for and why!? Candidates' websites, I discovered last night, are VERY UNHELPFUL.

Like, for the office of state representative, wherein one's job description will be to represent my county in the state assembly or senate, the candidate's websites are all "I promise to represent Berkshire County in Boston!" THANK YOU for being so fabulously informative about where you stand on the issues, jerkfaces.

In one instance I voted out of spite, because I had an internship with one of these guys when I was in high school and he MADE ME CRY. I probably should have voted for him anyway, since I agree with his policies, but he is a BAD MAN, so I vote against him. Hee. *feels democratically empowered*

I also have great, great hope, because the conservative radio personalities sounded really worried. As they've said "The only way Kerry will win this election is if the young people get out and vote!" Which they, perhaps rightfully, assumed would never happen. And now we have what they're calling a "ground war", wherein young voters are turning out in record numbers and young voters are getting called and driven by *other* young voters... *SO MUCH HOPE* It would be awesome if my generation amounted to something besides creating an audience for reality television.

And I got to kind of indirectly vote against the Patriot Act (it was one of the propositions), which is rather swell.

I think there's probably some kind of irony somewhere in me wanting to go pray for Bush to lose this election. But. Um. It worked for the Red Sox. ("How did you find religion?" "Sports. And fear for my civil liberties.")

-- Little Red, such a horrible example of the American democratic process.

p.s. I'm also quite pleased by this "make love write porn not war" development on my friends list.

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