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Insane Mad Road Trip Of Squeee!

The Evil Mono Of Doom has apparently killed enough of my brain cells to make me crazy, because, while still sick, I am planning an insane road trip of squeee to commence next weekend. Wooo!

Because clearly the solution to feeling trapped inside a sick, unreliable body is to move that body from place to place at breakneck speed ;)

I have decided to take my trip by car so that I can bail and go home at any point if mono makes me start to wish for death, or if I get all asthmatically allergic to anywhere I might stay. And because I love my car. Lots. *clings to car*

The start of the road trip also starts with kind of a major life change for me -- my dad has hired me as sort of a consultant to help explore, research, develop, and teach a new music and technology program for 4 and 5 year olds. (He started a business a few years ago teaching music using technology to 6+ year olds, and wants a preschool lead-in program).

So I am going to Princeton, NJ (Nov. 12th-14th), where I have never been, to spend a weekend going to a professional grown-up workshop on early childhood music education, to learn job skills, and stay in a business motel by myself. I am, like, grown up!!! Holy crap!

And then, since that means I've already left Massachusetts, I figure I may as well go everywhere else. Because once I get on mapquest, it's kind of hard to stop. I was literally *this* close to going "Well, once I'm in Chicago, I may as well go all the way TO TEXAS."

So. w0lfstar, will you be around next Thursday or next weekend? (Philadelphia) I forget the name of your actual suburb -- how far do you live from Princeton? Here, there will be squeeeing about Enterprise, particularly Trip/T'Pol Shower Sex.

Then I will drive through central Pennsylvania (Sunday 14th-Monday 15th). This is the only part of the trip that is actually worrying me at all (strangely, I am underworried about this on the whole), because I will have to find a motel to spend the night and that may be a challenge if I am mono-y. I will hopefully see alliesings. There will be squeeeing about mini!OTP during this part of the trip, even if I have to just squeee by myself as I drive down the I-80.

Then up to Michigan, which was the original goal of this trip, to stay with lifelongfling and see jammer0307. There will be Atlantis squeee and Daniel/Janet squeee, and I may possibly end up locked up in lifelongfling's basement and forced to write the rest of Second Chances.

In the middle of the Michigan gleee, I will hop over to Chicago to see aj. It's really not looking like I will be there long since A.j.'s work is freaking insane, (most likely just Friday the 19th-Saturday the 20th) but there will almost certainly be John/Elizabeth squeee, shipwithpants squeee, miniotp squeee, and even Ford/Teyla squeee, because, why not? I don't know if there will be time to trek up to Milwaukee to see lyssie and affiliated roommates or to see other folk in the greater Chicago area... but... maybe? Hopefully?

Then, on Sunday 21st or Monday 22nd, on to Toronto!!!! Here I will see relatives and hopefully stay and hang out with cat_b, if she is around. I am also planning to sleep over at meg_tdj's, where I am again in danger of being locked up somewhere for Second Chances, and to see pellucid, who hasn't decided which WiP she wants to lock me up for. Geographical Squeee: Daniel/Janet and Doggett/Reyes.

espirk? snarky_freak? Will you be around Ontario-related places that week?

Then back to Western Massachusetts at an undetermined time around the end of that week :)

So YAY!! Let me know if you live anywhere near these places and want to see my rolling caravan of gleee.

-- Little Red, so very crazy, so very excited.

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