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ooooh. gleee.

So, all day, I was going "I'm so FAILING at the gleee" because I was all tired and mono-y and frustrated with lots of little things Not Going My Way And Being Easy, Dammit, and feeling Useless And Bad for stuff I didn't feel up to doing to my satisfaction. I was all "HOW can I be gleeeful about Kripalu running out of dinner and me getting no olive bread!? And my tape running out so I have LOST some of Enterprise before I can see it!?!???"

... and yet, I can totally still find five *other* good things, not involving the lack of olive bread. I am getting greedy with my gleee, man ;)

5 good things about today:

1. Bought new toys! (Well, books on personal growth and spirituality, actually. My mother laughed at me for calling them toys) I'm especially psyched about "The Four Agreements", but also about a nifty new Bapuji quote book, which will spare my brain having to read my enlightening thoughts in any chunks larger than two sentences.

2. Am ripping demo CDs from work onto my computer (ILLEGAL GLEEE OMG) to burn and play for my road trip! Music includes Wah!, Orion Prophecy, and Afro Celts. Mostly ripped lectures and The Power Of Now book-on-tape. I will be SO ENLIGHTENED by the time I get to Michigan. (Holy crap, I am totally headed into an insane psycho-spirituality phase, in case you somehow hadn't noticed...) Most Exciting: "Personal Healing" from Carolyn Myss, which is about coping with and overcoming longterm illness. YAY!!! HEAL MEEEEE!

3. The remarkable proliferation of gleee.

4. alosersdream and rpgmaniac666!!!! We hung out and watched Hathor Sex and the SGC and Naren is all TALL!

5. Some very fun livejournal commenting. People Who Love Canada And Wish We Existed On TV And Were Mentioned In Fic More now have their own support group: canadian_tales. (This time, a new and random community is not even a little my fault.) I learned that genderbending is very scary. There was talk of religion and I still haven't determined whether or not I qualify as agnostic. lytarules and I figured out how to get out the youth vote, though not without giving them all mono.

3 things I did well:

1. Handled all the little mishaps that my monoiness created at work without getting too upset, and without getting guests upset. Woo!

2. Returned banner to the shop in exchange for books.

3. Refrained from offering advice to friend when it was not asked for.

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