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gleee before I fall asleep (again)...

5 good things about today:

1. Road tripping with my favourite two allies... yay for old friends and new experiences!

2. Am mentioned all over my friends list today. *feels popular* Also, gleee EVERYWHERE, which means I have more random gleee to read! Yay!! woodface caught on to my nefarious plot, though.

3. Unexpectedly, had plenty of oil in car to make trip safely! Yay!

4. Pizza!

5. Had a wonderful musical soundtrack going all day, with thanks to rpgmaniac666, lyssie, and Mellie-who-has-FAILED-to-get-a-livejournal.

3 things I did well:

1. Spoke up for myself, made suggestions, and all worked out for the best. (alosersdream later said, quoting ambermystery quoting somebody, "Either say what you need or let it go" (I think -- Naren kept the Napkin Of Wisdom), and this was a good example, I guess :)

2. Meditated after returning home from trip feeling a bit unsettled after talking a bit about Kripalu with Kaya (but not unsettled in a bad way -- I just always seem to get shaky and find it hard to breathe after thinking about that, though I love and need to talk about it sometimes, so yay). Got really calm and centered, which was nice, and very cool to know I can do. I also learned a lot from the conversation we had -- I still said "I'm so fucked up by this", because I have always said that before... but it felt forced this time. Maybe I'm ready to get over this, to be done with the weight and say thank God that I don't have to keep recreating it and carrying it. Interesting stuff to work with, but I digress. The good thing also involved tacking up some stuff for my altar, FINALLY. Of course, now that it's complete as planned, I want to strip it all down entirely and replace it with a single candle, for some totally made-up spiritual exercise. I can make them sound so authentic in my head. *has fun making this stuff up, yay*

... dammit, now I've typed about it and am feeling all odd again, and too lazy to light candles once more. Will attempt to meditate self into sleep ;)

3. Got up this morning in time to return all borrowed demos to shop :)

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