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Very Bad Day. Don't have the energy to go into details. I'm not sure there really are details. Mono has once again made me its bitch. Oh, and my trip is falling apart. These are not entirely unrelated. (I do think at least part of it can be reconstructed when I have more brain, though) *frustrated and full of hate at life and self*

But this is a PRACTICE, and so though I basically feel like I want to die and totally failed my day and everyone in it, I will grit out some joy and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow :)

5 good things about today:

1. Watched the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Outcast", which is the one with the J'Nai. I totally watch Next Gen whenever I'm feeling sick, emotional, or overwhelmed by life -- it's like being wrapped in blankets and fed hot chocolate. Love it. *warm and fuzzy*

2. lyssie wrote me fluff!! And liminalliz may potentially write me Sheppard/Weir fluff!

3. I have wonderful online friends who say nice things to me when I whine at them. I feel loved. Yay.

4. Music Together people replied to one of my emails amazingly promptly!! (note to Tammy: not the one you helped me write)

5. besyd and lifelongfling rock my world. Tammy for filling in for my brain constantly whenever I go "HELP MEEEEE!", and Amanda for repeatedly threatening to kidnap me at opportune moments.

3 things I did well:

1. Picked up the phone and called Music Together!! ON THE PHONE!! It ended up being a machine (yay) but I called with the possibility that it wasn't going to be... and then I followed up by email, so, yay, I corresponded effectively.

2. Made appointment to put snow tires on Tessie the Gleee Car and to get oil changed.

3. Made great strides toward comprehending and implementing bittorrent-ability on my computer. *crosses fingers*

Wow. That makes my day look a lot less useless and sucky. Feel lots better about myself and the world now! Yay!

-- Little Red, who thinks all practices should have such instant gratification.

p.s. mystic_isles000, w0lfstar and cat_b -- I will call you as soon as energy coincides with a decent time of day! Soooon!

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