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look! look!

Look what besyd made me!!

Much back-and-forth with cell phone company today results in it being *very* late right now and me still not having printed out mapquesty maps. Only today did I start to worry a bit about this trip -- I am going very far with energy reserves that may give out at any time to see people (mostly, except in Philly *clings to Sheryl* and Canada *clings to Cat*) that I don't actually know very well. And I swear mapquest moved some highways around since last week...

It will all be great, though :) I am bringing along the travel-journal that Rina gave me as a senior tribute (a.k.a. "beam me up, hottie"), and am seeing a fellow sister first, so am feeling safe with the Kappa-love :)

I haven't had time to reply to emails and comments and fic feedback today and don't know when I will get time again, so just consider yourselves loved and gleee'd while I am gone :)

Much love to everyone!

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