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... and Atlantis

I am so forgetful spoiler-conscious I put it in whole other post!

Wolfstar: OMG!

Little Red: They should do SEX!

Wolfstar: They SHOULD! OMG. How could they not do sex after this?

*Little Red and Wolfstar take time-out to make brownies*

Little Red: I want to have Ford's babies.

Wolfstar: They'd be good babies.

Little Red: What!? He's being a bitch now. I'm so torn.

*in tandem*: Awwwww! Eeeeeeee! Oooooh.

Little Red: I told you that evil girl was too pretty to die!!

Wolfstar: She really was too pretty to even be on this show.

Little Red: And she never even did any of our boys!

Wolfstar: She still can. Because she didn't die.

Little Red: That is an excellent point.

Wolfstar: I'm so glad Atlantis doesn't suck.

Little Red: Man, I love this show.

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