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Ha. Hahahahahaha.

pants!verse is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

It is! But with pants on. Always with pants on.

I post to prove that I Am Still Alive. Currently in Toronto, saw shewaselectric yesterday, heading out to Hamilton today to see espirk and snarky_freak if we FINALLY get it together (this is try number 3 to get together and eat food) and then BACK to Cambridge to hang with meg_tdj more and potentially thief away one of her nieces. So much fun being had!!

There has also been, like, Deep Contemplative Stuff about how I'm trying to run away from mono and feeling spectacularly like a failure *again* for failing to finish college (it's amazing what being accountable to people who have known you all your life can do), and various and sundry lists about what I might do with my life and where I might do it, but that doesn't belong in a post with pants!verse, because, omg, PANTS!!
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