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Spent the afternoon in a walk-in clinic and came out with slightly less blood and some swanky new prescription drugs. The doctor mumbled a number of possible diagnoses involving the usual suspects of anemia, strep, sinusitis, "maybe you have mono again," something involving the word "pharyngeal" and other things I couldn't quite catch as I was, not unusually, half asleep. Antibiotics and some other new prescription medication that will hopefully do... something. Hope springs eternal.

And tomorrow I'm seeing dryadlaura!!!! This has been way too long in coming for me to wank out due to illness. Will. Not. Happen. I also need to get it together to deal with publicity for "essence" tomorrow or Kappa at large will be screwed for my body's supreme lameness. Mine, and the punks who haven't gotten back to me with information.

In reports from fictional lives more interesting and explosive than my own, my Babylon 5 DVDs (season 3) are giving me gleee although I keep having to re-watch bits when I zone out (read: fall asleep at unforgivable times of day). They just all declared independence from Earth and stuff. Man, I *heart* Delenn and Sheridan. I miss their moments. As far as the new (non-Drinking... I miss being lucid enough to drink myself into fuzziness) Stargate goes, they should stop sending Carter off on missions by herself. And genamarie, I may just have to grant Jacob capital letters for his The Man status after all.

-- Little Red, who needs more Minbari ceremony in her life

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