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Fanfic Poll (oooh! a poll!)

So... this has come up a few places in the past few days, and not all of those places have been inside my head, so let's do some scientific data collection!

And while this really is a larger academic question that I'm curious about, I am also fishing for answers for personal use (because it really is All About Me).

What do you want your fic authors to post?

Everything! Half-finished, unbeta'd snippets, totally random challenges or writing exercises... whatever! The more the better, and I don't think less of an author for some duds among the spam.
I'd rather they just post the stuff they've thought about and consider quality. I might be less likely to read "hit and miss" authors who post things of variable quality.
It depends on the venue. If I've friended an author on lj, I want to see everything -- but on larger lists and archives I want more polished stuff.
It depends on the writer. If the "half-finished, unbeta'd" stuff will have the character's names spelled correctly, I'm all for it! Otherwise I don't want to encourage them.
Post it all but with headers that warn about its unpolished status -- if I'm desperate for a hit of a rare pairing, a less prolific author, or porn, I'll read anything!
Something else that I will discuss at length in the comments section of this post.
I am one of your real-life friends/family members and am just so sad for you that you are spending your time writing polls about FANFIC
Eeee! I love polls!

Respond! Discuss! Admire the pretty icon that maching_monkey made me!

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