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5 good things about today:

1. I HAVE NEW PANTS!!! This is a big deal. Because I have had only one pair of sort-of-fitting (with a tightly cinched belt) pants for a year now, because I was all "oh, I will wait until I put the weight I lost back on", and so have hated my clothes and my appearance for exactly that long. Because they are NICE pants. And they FIT. And they were on SALE!! *squeee!*

2. I had lots of fun shopping in Filene's with mystic_isles000 and her mom. Reaffirmed that, beneath my ability to live simply and frugally, I have Very Expensive Taste.

3. Goooood chocolate at Filene's. And didn't feel sick after! OR after eating Annie's at Gira's!!! *cheers*

4. Finally saw "Homecoming"!

5. I HAVE ATLANTIS JOY!!! I haven't watched the episodes yet, so still don't spoil me, yo, but thanks to the combined efforts of driftingatdusk, besyd, and cleverocity I now have THREE as yet unseen Atlantis episodes to watch! And 4 new Enterprise episodes sitting in my VCR!

3 things I did well:

1. Got self out of house and went to Gira's.

2. Called supervisor at work to report for hours, and volunteered to work whole 8.5-hour shifts if they need me to.

3. Tried on and bought clothes, omfg.

It hit me today how much better I am feeling. I guess it's more obvious now that I'm home. God, it's amazing. I can think of something simple -- like going to get a glass of water, or making myself cereal (I'm actually HUNGRY sometimes now!), or putting dishes in the dishwasher -- and actually get up and do it without big fanfare. And then return and not feel horribly exhausted for the effort. It's just... something I did, not a MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT that is probably all I will be able to do that day.

I mean, I went *shopping* today. For *hours*. Tried on stuff, walked around, stayed standing, ate freaking *chocolate*, and then came home and felt fine. Felt well enough to try on clothes and model and expend *unnecessary energy*, which is something that I could not and would not have done just a few months ago.

I hope this lasts. I am enjoying the hell out of it while it does.


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