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... or, that could be *another* way to interpret this show.

So I had this dream about Stargate.

In which the entire series (and movie) took place in Jack's head.

He cracked after the death of his son, possibly tried to kill himself and failed and ended up with brain damage (although that part wasn't clear), and the whole series was very symbolic and stuff. His desire to get as far away from everything as possible (oooh! other planets!), to redeem himself, how the Asgard and everyone keep calling him the last great saviour, how he'll have this group of people...

Sam is Sara, in his head, but dressed in a new skin where she's strong and a fighter and he can't hurt her. She's short-haired Sara, the way she is now in his real-life after Charlie's death. All the AU episodes (because he would be aware of the stuff that happened even out of Jack-the-character's immediate field of vision, since it's all in his head) in which Sam has long hair she is all but broken or killed because of her attachment to him, which is this big evidence of his fears about Sara and all the bad horrible world-breaking things (like the fact that her son is now dead) that he did to her when they *were* together and she *did* have long hair. Maybe "Point of View", where the mirror-Jack actually dies and leaves long-haired Sam to grieve and fend for herself, is a representation of what he's actually doing to Sara in the real world by disappearing into this other fantasy life.

There are occasional moments of intersection with the real world. Some of which didn't really happen on the series (this was a dream!) but some of which did... the idea is that he wakes up from this hallucination sometimes enough to communicate with folk, and then sinks back into it. The only way he ever communicates with the real "Sara" in his head is through an alien entity.

The current season has to do with Jack reconnecting himself to the real Sara and to his real life. It hasn't taken 8 years of real-time to get here, just however-long of intensive therapy and rehabilitation, and as he checks back into the real world he is having to let go of this fantasy world he's created that has become so important to him. He's sending these characters off on their way without him until he trusts (in his crazy way) that these "people" and this world will do all right by themselves. He hooks Sam up with someone else to free himself up from that particular destiny and because he doesn't need what she represents anymore, not now that he's now becoming conscious again and realizing that the real Sara is still there and he can reconnect with her. He's found bedfellows for Daniel and Teal'c, too, breaking up the codependency so that he can walk away and return to reality.

In the dream I somehow stuck Lost City *after* the current season of Jack-being-General-and-never-being-around, so that he could sort of put himself on ice in this reality and go back to his own life, but other than that, the whole thing was eerily solid.

I'm pretty sure this dream popped up because A.j. and I figured out how to make the end of the X-Files be in Mulder's head. I'm going to ignore any potential symbolism for "You are IGNORING YOUR LIFE BY WRITING FANFIC, Little Red!" and just boggle a bit on how my brain has now totally warped my ability to watch this show. *untwists brain*

-- Little Red, who might be more Jack/Sara than she initially thought if her unconsciousness is going to these lengths...
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