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My father is being rather exceptionally grinchy this year. He revels in his Scrooginess most years, but this year he was all "Don't do decorations." So my mom and I are all "we can do them while he's out at work before he gets home so he is not bothered by us running around with tacks and tape!" He seems rather horridly put out that we have dared to festoon his house with holiday cheer, and asked me to take the little tree (from my apartment last year) out of the basement. I am now on a mission of GUERILLA CHRISTMAS. *sekritly steals popcorn to thread into garlands when no one is looking*

And the little tree is in my room now. It's making me miss the Pawtucket House of Couch and the phenomenon of heat included in the rent.

And as I decorated it I watched the X-Files Christmas episode (the one with the ghosts trying to depress Mulder and Scully to death by exposing how lonely they are with psychoanalysis, not the one with the Scully-spawn and the woman killing herself in the bathtub... know what? X-Files is not such an upbeat show.). This episode gives me joy. JOY!! And so very 'shippy. Man, if those two are not the industry standard for UST among the socially misadjusted... no one does it better, baby.

I am now jonesing for cheesy and yet non-sucky X-Files Christmas fic. And Christmas cookies. Both of which I could, I suppose, make myself, if I was less lazy.

-- Little Red, Writing Useless Posts To Accentuate Your Friends' Lists Since 2003.

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