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fangirling the first: why liminalliz ROCKS MY WORLD!!


Liz is by far the most enthusiastic right out of the gate (my god, I typed 'gate, somebody tie me down before I hurt myself) of any of my new online friends. I have no recollection what started it, but I'm pretty sure that by the end of that first day we had exchanged about thirty spastic (and LONG) comments about every fandom known to man. Even those we don't share. And racked up a good fifteen in-jokes there, too, and you know, NOTHING cements a friendship like things you find hilarious but everyone else just kind of pretends to understand so that we'll think they're cool (OMG NON-PORNY WATER!!). :)

I convinced her to share my fandom-unpopular opinion that Diana Fowley is cool!

I did not convince her to share my fandom-unpopular opinion that Laira is cool.

And I got icons out of the deal! Lots of icons.

Liz makes *very* pretty icons.

In some complicated sort of thought-bartering, she asked me to beg her to write Sheppard/Weir fic, which I did. And then she did.

And then she went and did one better by writing Sparky doing office sex IN THE FIREMAN UNIVERSE from that cracked-out Teal'c episode. (and in looking for those links, I must add that Liz posts an insane amount of things to livejournal every day. Oh yes. Mostly ficbits. Never bored as a friend of Liz.)

Liz has encouraged me a lot with my writing, too. As a pupil at the head of the class of the lyssie School of Fanfic Writing (tm), she helps me shove past my self-conscious editorial demons (both by example and by yelling "POST IT! POST IT NOW!" a lot), and then follows up with some truly remarkable feedback.

Liz also sent me email while I was away to say she missed me! We are online friends and I was missed!! She has also been known to pen fanfic for people (like me, yay!) who are having bad days or otherwise need escapism and friendly attention all rolled into one.

So yay!! I am very lucky to "know" Liz. (and oddly, in this case, "know" in quotes isn't so much a reference to biblical knowledge at all, but just to the fact that I would not recognize her without such internet shorthand as "omfg" and "squeeeeeeeeeee!" and the use of all-caps.) In short: Liz is awesome for her excited and generous friendship, her always intelligent (unless porny, in which case we don't require intelligence) thoughts about fandom, and for making *me* feel awesome that she is friends with me! YAY!

*hopes livejournal doesn't eat the lizsqueee this time...*

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