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fangirling the second: why moonshayde has... great potential to rock my world!!

I am realizing *gasp horror* just how many livejournal friends I have that I really *don't* know all that super-well. Or, sort of *provisionally* know, because I'm all "wheee, I will get to know you through livejournal yay!"

But oh, don't think this will stop me from fangirling you.

moonshayde is my example of "It's a very small internet world after all." We are clearly DESTINED TO BE FRIENDS OMG.


Late fall/winter sometime last year. moonshayde and I get booted out of Our Stargate chat a lot (I think -- or was it X-Files? It was something... keep reading, *she* is the one with the memory), and I am all "OMG! Check out this Dan/Jan Gateview chat thing that is brand-new!"

We discover that we are, at that time, living like 30 miles from each other. I am all "OMG! Come watch Stargate with me and keenween! She is understandably afraid of strange internet folk inviting her into their home.

I tragically never see her again. Also tragically have months of high fever that mostly wipe this interaction from my brain.

And then, like two months ago, we meet up up again in the metaphorical land of Meg's journal, and she, spookily, seems to know a lot about me. I'm all "Wait... are you... wait... what?" And she remembers me. I am memorable!! *clings to friend with good memory*

Moral of the story:

Like an elephant, a New Englander never forgets.

5 reasons why moonshayde has great potential to rock my world:


2) She comes highly reccomended. By people who, strangely enough, she met because of me. *points up at reason number one* DESTINY!

3) She lives not far from meeeee!

4) Her coolness mettle has been tested by the INSANE WACKINESS that is Gateview chat.

5) Her livejournal is wonderfully entertaining. When she's bouncy and happy, it's adorable. She's got a great sense of humor that comes through especially in her icons, but also sneaks into general life griping and even memes. Yay!

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