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5 good things about today:


2. Devika, one of my direct supervisors, was all "omg! There is NOTHING bad about your job performance!" And then she agreed to write my reccomendation for Cool Media Relations Job With Benefits Like A Real Job. Then besyd pretty much wrote my job request paragraph for me. :)

3. qwirky wrote fireman!verse fic and it is freaking HILARIOUS. It is also friends-locked, because she is HOARDING THE SQUEEE, the wench. But it gave *me* gleee!

4. There was mini!otp fic by Christi in which Jack knits mitts. And it is for me! Pattern included :)

5. It shouldn't count as today, but it happened *after* last night's gleee list... Christi and I sorted out the whole chronology of pants!verse. From X-Files To Babies And Rocking Chairs On Porches, God help us all. I'm not telling you how late we stayed up to do that.

3 things I did well:

1. Went to HR and got more info on job.

2. Typed up some longhand ficbitty stuff which I may post presently if I don't fall asleep first.

3. Had a reason to drag out The History of Russian Thought today, thanks to Christi. It's a belated thing-I-did-well, but I GOT OUT OF THAT CONCENTRATION.

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