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web frustration

I was so excited when was working for a few minutes earlier today, but it appears to have gone down again. Is it just me? I haven't been able to access it for weeks now.

To that end -- I need somewhere to post all my Atlantis fic so I can direct someone to it until my website returns. Almost all of it is Sheppard/Weir, and some of it NC-17 (which means isn't the best place for it). I know there are about ten thousand Atlantis archives... can anyone reccomend a good one? (The only one I have anything on now is "Soused", which I think might be dead now. lyssie?)

I've heard people mention Wraithbait as a good one, and that my evil hetshipper ways will be tolerated even though it's attached to a slash list. True? I also have Atlantica bookmarked. I remember there being some exclusively Sheppard/Weir archives running around, but looks broken, isn't up and running yet, and I can't remember any other urls at the moment. Tell me what to do?

I think the easiest would be a list that accepts html-formatted stories, but I can mess with my files if need be, and a fully automated archive would be best, since I could get this sorted out today.

Or... give me hope that will not be broken forever? redbeard?

-- Little Red

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