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So very much gleee!

5 good things about today:

1. MUMSEY CAME HOME!!! Christmas is back on!! YAY!

2. Girls' Night at mystic_isles000' house where we exchanged Christmas giftness. Gira's mom got me EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED but had no idea how to ask for -- it's a quilting-cutter-board thing with a rotary cutter, a board and a fancy ruler... eeee! She wants me to learn to quilt badly, and I'm all hooked up now! And Kirtana will teach me how! Must rearrange bedroom to create craft space...

There was also a HILARIOUS moment where I did a dramatic reading of at Kirtana's urging (perhaps obviously not a link to be followed by the conservatively inclined or easily offended), and got to see Gira's mom just about die of laugh.

3. People seem to think my recent fics are cool and have sent me lots of comment-y squeee. *bounces happily*

4. Wonderful fanficlet of gleee! It is a meeting of linguistic geekiness and Stargate: Atlantis, and it is here: Semantics.

5. SAW "HOT ZONE" OMFG. I say no more because I'm too lazy to go back and write "spoilerz omg!", but, um, YAY! Everyone on that series is very, very pretty. That's not a spoiler. That's a fact. My muse is also a-twitter, as it were, about post-eps and stuff... I had an idea for a smutty post-ep to "Underground" and have been half-living in an alternate universe ever since (pants!verse: Atlantis?). It's making my viewing experience extra-fun.

3 things I did well:

1. Sealed and stamped so. many. Christmas. cards. :)

2. Started process of burning CDs / Atlantis eps that I owe people.

3. Took on a last-minute miniotp Christmas fic exchange fic :) This is also gleee because I totally flaked out on signing up in time but really wanted to write something... yay! Since I don't have much time and it *does* fit into the qualification, I may finish an existing WiP instead of starting a new thing... I'm not sure if the recipient has seen this fic before, but, um, I have an excuse!! That is also gleee.

And a really excellent link -- fabu wrote a great, clear, bullet-pointed thing about fanfic critique. It's well-written and smart and... man, I love it when ideas get expressed clearly, and when I therefore feel no longer required to express them myself :) Read!! (thanks to medie for pointing me at it)

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