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Including spoilers for the last season of Deep Space Nine, and come on, people, if you haven't seen it by now your life is INCOMPLETE you really shouldn't care about the spoilers anymore...

5 good things about today:

1. Happy Birthday to my "second-father"!! :) It is so very much gleee that it was expected that I attend the family ice-cream-cake party. Yay!

2. Christmas cards!! From suzvoy, pellmelody, keenween and j_guda!!! *feels loved by interweb*

3. Got a seriously awesome compliment on job skills from aforementioned second-father... I temped once for the company he works for and he's all "Um. They would TOTALLY hire you back in a second for a full-time position because you did so well." *twitters and feels affirmed* The job I applied for is still posted, so there is still hope for that, too :)

4. DEEP SPACE NINE, OMFG. *GUH* Watched a whole bunch of season-seven episodes today, totally reaffirming my insane Ezri-love, and my love for this series in general. I FORGOT THAT THE BREEN ATTACKED EARTH AND NUKED THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE OMFG. The Final Chapter is freaking amazing. I was kind of hoping that this time around the Defiant wouldn't get destroyed (*SOB!*), but apparently once they film something and burn it onto a DVD it actually doesn't change anymore, bother.

And your daily lesson in Bajoran religion: 1) The three virtues that will lead to enligtenment are charity, humility, and faith. 2) "He who studies evil is studied by evil."

And the most important thought... Julian and Ezri? *SQUEEEEEEEEEE!*

5. I have, like, sixteen windows of livejournal fic and icon and whatnot GLEEEE awaiting me to be looked at in the morning when I can see straight again!

3 things I did well

1. was Good Sister.

2. mailed batch of Christmas "Holiday Season / New Year's" cards.

3. made good headway on afghan for parents for Christmas... hope springs eternal of giving knitted gifts that aren't wrapped with the knitting needles still attached... yay!

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