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joy to the world...

5 good things about today:

1. liminalliz made me this pretty icon for Christmas!! GLEEE!!

2. The Sims with Gira with hilarious DS9 skins.

3. More DS9: The Final Chapter. "When It Rains..." today. Man, I LOVE these episodes! So much is packed in them, and it's so awesome. I really really want to work on my DS9 WiP now, or... write *anything* DS9... but have other things that need to happen first!

4. Good soup for dinner.

5. Swooned a lot at AMAZINGLY PERFECT lyrics this morning. I am refraining from spamming lots of lyrics at you and flailing "OH MY GOD, how freakily Sam/Jack or mini!otp or WHOEVER is this!?"... but JUST BARELY.

3 things I did well:

1. Got through long financial and complicated insurance-craziness conversation without saying anything amiss or getting emote-y (possibly because I was unable to focus brain long enough to understand what was being said... but whatever. It counts!)

2. Made mini!otp mix cd for co-mod kataclysmic for Christmas, and am all happy with it :)

3. Knit lots on parents' Christmas afghan -- almost done!!!

In other news, I totally forgot to note my one-year livejournal anniversary. I should... do that, I suppose.

In other other news, I am totally craving Sheppard/Weir fic-y goodness (in both the writing-of and reading-of formats) because I have been staring at this PRETTY PRETTY ICON :)

Edit: More gleee! I am having a sudden attack of livejournal popularity and have new friends! Now someone write me Sheppard/Weir fic please. Hi at people :)

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