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fangirling the third: lifelongfling omfg!

(yes, working through The BEST. MEME. EVER. again!)

What -- I only get ONE post to express how amazingly cool my psychic twin is??

Amanda is the first of my online friends to cross over that line and become friends. She's totally classed with my long-distance real-life friends in my head, and, hell, I was *this* close to moving across the country to live with her! We became friends once upon a time to squeee about the magnificence of Daniel and Janet and Why They Should Do Lots Of Sex, but now mostly we seem to talk about life and jobs and to-do lists and *real* things.

Which isn't to say we don't still talk about random fandom things and make up evil (though short-lived currently dormant) plans to take over the world.

In short, SHE ROCKS.

Amanda is an *awesome* friend. She's supportive and encouraging of all things good (we read each other's to-do lists on a regular basis), and ENABLING of all things evil (like ficpr0n!). Periodically she feels the need to beat me for being a lapsed Daniel/Janet fan and leaving her hanging in evil WiPs all over the place, but it's one of those spare-the-rod spoil-the-ficwriter sort of beatings and I forgive her :) And she's still my friend, although I am such a horribly unreliable writer! Yay!!

She is also hilarious. I think the height of our in-joke-i-ness was the "Evil Diaries of Amanda Tapping's Hairdresser," but we've got a WHOLE long list of things that amuse us and make others go "..." We also both seem to have this evil ability to make Gateview chat go *completely dead* whenever either of us say anything, and this magical power seemed to only multiply when we were chatting together under the alias redmanda.

And let us not forget: she let me stay in her house for a whole week, and is EVEN COOLER in real life (though quieter than I expected without all the exclamation points!). And the best novice knitter EVAR!!

I think we're probably such good friends because we cling onto each other's obsessions so easily (PSYCHIC TWINS, I tell you!). Over the Rhine, Daniel/Janet, Sheppard/Weir, and now KNITTING! Hee. I haven't started watching The West Wing yet, but WHEN I MOVE TO MICHIGAN, I totally promise to :)

I feel so very lucky to have Amanda as a friend. I'm a better, more confident writer because she pushed me so well at the beginning when I was all "EEEK! Please read my thing and tell me I don't suck please??", I am *so* grateful to have someone to play encouragement-ball with when we post our to-do lists and cheer each other on with lj-spamming, and I totally want to live closer so that we can properly hang out more. She totally totally rocks, and if you aren't friends with her, it means that I AM LUCKIER THAN YOU mwah ha ha.

Yay. You rock, doll :)

And yes, I know that flattery isn't going to get me out of finishing those fics... ;)

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