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drive-by gleee

I have to be up at *six in the morning* tomorrow (which is seriously cutting into my need for 12 hours of sleep a night, lemme tell you), and today was rather... erm... sucky (despite all the gleee), so hopefully I can do this quickly!

5 good things about today:

1. Amusing lj-comment spam with sinful-lj-girlfriend liminalliz. omfgourlovehassomanyasterisks!!

2. Gira called: "The Prophet was ON FIRE! ENGULFED IN FLAME! And everyone stood around screaming! It was horrible. But he survived!" Ah, The Sims, I am both very jealous and VERY GLAD that I cannot have it on my little mac-tastic computer...

3. Mumsey was very, very nice to me when I was being moody and we had a lovely dinner together.

4. new livejournal friend wrote me Sheppard/Weir fic omfg! And it proves that they CAN, actually, have a relationship without jumping each other all over the place! I'm very impressed.

5. Lady at post office rocks my world. My town is too small to have mail delivered, BUT they *know your box number* when you walk in! That wouldn't happen in Toronto. And she was all gleeeful and cheery despite it being tail-end of Christmas insanity!

3 things I did well:

1. Made dinner! With most of my ingredients missing! And it still turned out looking and tasting really very much like what I set out to make.

2. Beta'd kataclysmic's mini!otp ficathon piece, and HEE!

3. Cleaned up things too gross to name before Mumsey came home from work.

If I beg for more Sheppard/Weir fic, will I actually *get* more? Positive reinforcement is a dangerous thing with me... but don't let that stop you ;)

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