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midday gleeee!


stars_like_dust sent me a CARD! And it had a MAP in it! Of Australia! And with her as a stick figure! *bounces* PICTORIAL GLEEE, OMFG!! And she said nice things about me! *clings*

And cleverocity mailed me a card that exploded all over my kitchen in a shower of gleee and purple glittery things and what I think might be... salt. (Exploded in a good way -- the card is fine and so is kitchen!) My mother was all "WHO sent you this adorable gleee card!?"

I am feeling quite loved and bouncy, yay. I have NO idea when your cards will all get to you, those what requested them, for they were sent late and are not carried by magical reindeer. But there is gleee in the post ON ITS WAY.

And while I'm listing gleee -- an hour and a half until I'm at Kaya-Girl's Christmas Eve thing-do, yay! I love that we're hanging out more now *clings to sister of no blood relation who looks lots like me yay* AND love that I finished my gift for her. Even though it turned out rather ridiculous (though amilyn told me that a Dr. Who-length scarf is OKAY!). I have offered to modify it post-opening... such is the ridiculousness of handmade presents.

Work today was EARLY, but very quiet and nice. Numbers ganged up on me and I really hope I didn't irreparably mess up the cash box, but I don't see how I could have (since the numbers were all there, they just were not adding.) Cookies also ganged up upon me and overturned themselves. However! Sara came in after all, and we had a nice chat and there was so much gleee between us that we FORCED mystic_isles000 into being cheerful with us, even early in the morning.

And there are PRESENTS UNDER THE TREEE!! (I'm not sure "treee" should really have a third e, but it's becoming compulsive) This means that somehow my family has managed to scrounge ourselves some Christmas, because YESTERDAY, my dad was all "... I have no idea what to get for anyone," and my mom was all "... maybe we should do our Christmas shopping in the after-Christmas sales?" Seriously, people must have gone shopping at 2 in the morning last night.

Christmas bonus from work!! It's $50, so not enough to fund my way to GC or anything, but I thought I wasn't getting anything since I don't work full time. Wheeee!

I am very happy for all this gleee, because it is TOTALLY SNOWLESS outside. *boggles* Everyone has to keep reminding each other that it's Christmas, because no one believes it. As un-pretty and Novemberish as the landscape is right now, it's lucky for all the driving over the mountain I'll be doing tonight to go hear my mom play organ in the church and SING CHRISTMAS HYMNS!!

I love December. Favourite month of the year. Strangely, the actual holidays aren't as much fun as the lead-up to them... so Christmas Eve is the pinnacle of teh AWESOMENESS that is December. Favourite day of the year :) *happys*

Merry Christmas Eve to all, and to all a good afternoon! :)

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