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I know, I know, you can blame us by saying that we're the one who brought on the clearly impending apocalypse, either because we're the center of the gay marriage universe or because the Boston Red Sox forgot to die of curse this year, but NONETHELESS!!! A green Christmas in Western Massachusetts? COME ON! ;)

On the whole, this Christmas has felt very scrounged-together... so *today* wasn't all that amazing, but this whole extended HanuChrisWanzaaDan (tm Seth) week/month has been incredible and full of family and cheer! (If not snow, you EVIL WEATHER THIEFS IN OHIO!)

Kaya's last night was so lovely (wish we could have stayed longer!), and church was lovely, too. I need to remember to bring tissues -- I always tear up in the face of religion!! But squeeee, got to hear the Richmond Congregational Church standard Christmas carols, in our traditionally quaint off-key glory -- "Who Would Think That What Was Needed" is just *adorable*, and I'd never heard it anywhere else before. And the Cherry Tree Carol boggles my mind every year, too, because it's about Joseph being all human. And afterwards I went up to the organ loft and DEMANDED that my mother play In The Bleak Midwinter, because she'd forgotten to in the postlude. My own private organ concert!

The loveliest part about today was going over to Kripalu for the Christmas lunch feast, where we ended up at a table with a bunch of old residents in the dining chapel, very much like the old days.

And I got my afghan done for my parents!! Now I am -- eep! -- totally without an active knitting project!

A lot of other folk listed off their present haul... we didn't do so much with the presents in my family this year, and I felt like SUCH A BRAT because the presents they did get me *didn't work* and they could tell I was disappointed!! My dad got me speakers for my computer, but they hissed really loudly and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep with them in my room. He also got me a discman, but in a complicated transaction of things, he ended up taking it for himself and my mother bequeathed to me her headphones to use so I can listen to music until we find speakers that work! All very confusing. I also got a duvet cover... which is exciting because I can finally use the insanely huge duvet we bought a few months ago, but sad because my mother and I were going to sew our *own* duvet cover and that plan got scrapped. Oh well! We will sew something else!!

I also have promise of a shopping spree(e!) in the undefined future, and was told to play around with my wish list to see what item I wanted most. I really really want to get myself a wireless internet thing, but that *really* is a luxury item that I don't need! (But then, when else would I get it?)

From my *other* families, I got toys earlier this week! The quilting-cutter-y set I bragged about from Gira's mom and a SO COOL OMFG I WAS GOING TO WRITE THIS! book from Gira called "Mindful Knitting". Kaya gave me the CUTEST SOCKS EVER, and along with Naren and her mom bought me a facial at Kripalu! :)

And espirk and snarky_freak got me a daily Star Trek calendar (for my daily dose of geekiness!) and another pirated season 9 X-Files disc *grins*. It has Audrey Pauley on it!! I now have two discs of the season... I think they might be holding the others hostage until I write some actual fic!

Speaking of fic... I am writing Atlantis Holiday fic and a fic for the mini!otp ficathon (which is not Christmassy itself in nature), but 'tis tragically not yet done. I will finish and share the joy at some undefined point in the future!


edit: nostalgia_lj has given me some snow. 'Tis Christmas now for real, yay!

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