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5 good things about today:

1. Fanficky praise for "The First Ten Years"! And then more totally unsolicited praise from grav_ity. Yay!

2. *Work* praise!! Sara (supervisor) took me aside after overhearing me deal with a difficult customer and was all praise-y. She even told me I was awesome later on the phone, despite the fact that this conversation as a whole required her to come back into work to sort out some weird fallout from MASSIVE REGISTER ISSUES that totally couldn't sort out on my own. Yay! *preens*

3. Best. Salad. EVER. was on the line at dinner.

4. saidshe lives! And emailed me! And still likes me! Yay!!! *gleees*

5. The existance of a PUNK ROCK VEGAN COOKBOOK. After inventory, I *need* to own this.

3 things I did well:

1. Survived a whole day of work. A real 9-hour day of evilness and disaster and understaffed DOOM and rocked hard, oh yes.

2. Got through all the emails I could remember having to deal with and livejournal to-dos AFTER the longass work day!

3. Avoided vehicular collision and navigated all the ice to get home safely :)

Also, Your Link Of The Day: The Best Sgwun Fic EVAR (illustrated!!), or Baby's First Badfic: A Picture Book. Be sure to offer to buy the associated 'zine.

p.s. This icon is not particularly gleeeful, maybe, but it's hot, and I am loathe to stop staring at it long enough to change to something that says "gleee!"

p.p.s. newfriends! yay!! *feels stalked LOVED by the internet*

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