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joy sadhana

5 good things about today:

1. Clean sheets! And new bedding! (which is provisional gleee -- but the clean sheets are REALLY gleee)

2. "'I'll have two screwdrivers and a baal-in-pants.' *eyes* yeah, that could work as a mixed drink." -- Christi

3. Writing a ridiculous Temptation Atlantis fic (tragically not a crossover. I miss that show. Just... slutty and bizarre and with gratuitous acts of open-bar-dom). Typed it all out in a comment, originally. Very fun to just write and not think about it at all, though the finished producted is kind of insane.

4. Got a holiday card from joyfulfeather!!! It is so cute and has the loveliest little fairy on it! :) *is smitten* I am totally keeping these lovely cards somewhere all year 'round.

5. My Star Trek daily calendar from espirk and snarky_freak is giving me so much gleee! It has colour pictures!! And they're VERY pretty. Yesterday's had a lovely shot of Ezri and Worf clinking glasses in "What You Leave Behind", and today's is T'Pol and Archer from the Enterprise episode "Twilight." LOVE that episode. This will make me want to watch a show every day.

3 things I did well:

1. Had business meeting with Dad.

2. Sorted out bedding.

3. Started to reorganize room post-Christmas.

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