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Geeky joy times 100,000!


Today, katejaneway came over and we had an Atlantis marathon. I knew her when she was in sixth grade and now she is all grown up and very cool and TAUGHT ME THINGS like how to play .avi files on my computer and how to hook my computer up to my TV and why I really shouldn't make myself wait weeks and weeks to watch new Atlantis episodes.

So I watched "Sanctuary" and "Before I Sleep" and "The Brotherhood".

I'm rather in "OMGSQUEEE!" mode a bit too much for coherence, but basically?

Sanctuary: OMG!! He has Kirked where no man has Kirked before!!! This episode was madly fun to watch. It is still the suckiest episode of the season. But was HORRIBLY ENTERTAINING the first time around and had some nice moments. Now, where are my ten-thousand angsty post-eps, people? *horribly amused by fandom* Also, I totally called the sex before we even set eyes on glowychick.

Before I Sleep: All you people who said that this episode would BLOW MY MIND?? Were so very right. Elizabeth Weir is so. unbelievably. cool. I can't believe how she was just kind of rolling with the punches (both of her), and didn't have a major existential crisis or anything. She didn't even look like she was going to have one off-screen. GO HER. Also, I totally called that it was Lizzie as soon as we saw the old woman, because IT WAS WEIR'S BIRTHDAY and I have watched science fiction before. WHY is it that I feel it's so important to remain unspoiled, again? edit: I also wish to offer baked goods and sexual favors to the editing department because OH. MY. GOD. that was SEAMLESS. *boggles*

The Brotherhood: Anyone who thought Kolya was ACTUALLY dead is stupid. However, anyone who guessed that he would come out of his too-lame-to-call-it-'near-death' experience this soon and become an extra from Robin Hood is a genius. Like Shep!! I am sadly forced to eat my words from earlier this season when I was all "You know, it IS possible to memorize basic factorials WITHOUT being a super freaky math genius, so, whatever, you jump-to-conclusions fandom folk." But apparently on television it isn't. So. *eats words*. I love Ford again for being awesome and competent. My newfound crush on Teyla increases weekly, and, in a similar sort of thought, Dr. Weir is the new Special Agent Scully -- EVERYONE loves her just a little bit. Also, we're screwed in the season finale.

And... in a SPECTACULAR act of squeeee...

daisycm83 has unveiled the beginning of the OFFICIAL Society for the Proliferation and Defense of Fluff!!!

(so of course my muse is all "You know you want to write INTENSE DESPERATE JOHN ANGST" right now. I am telling her to bite me. Possibly this is because I am SO VERY SAD that I no longer have these bright shiny new episodes waiting to be watched!! *sniffle* It's Geek Boxing Day.)

-- Little Red, dead of squeee.

EDIT: TELEPATHIC FUCKAGE is sooooo the new buzzword :) (tm j_guda) Because how can we let not being in the same room keep our characters from having lots of UST?

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