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joy sadhana more yay

5 good things about today:

1. Geek gleee: Gleeeful spamming on topic of "Before I Sleep" with trishkit. And now about a rather spiffy if terribly obvious 'shippy AU possibility with besyd (because I got confused about Trish's 'ship tendencies and refrained... I need, like, a CHART of who 'ships what, yo.). Wheee!

2. Am loved lots by friends' list who think I am cool. YAY. And ROXY turned up out of freaking nowhere, omfg!

3. Found horribly bad fic (like, badfic TM) under the furniture that I wrote while mostly-asleep at some undefined point in the last few months, and continued it for my own amusement. No, you don't get to see it unless I get another screen name and post to where it belongs. But there was other fic found under the furniture that is slightly less bad, so more gleee!

4. melyanna wrote me fic blamed fic on me!! And it has chess! And Sheppard/Weir! And I won't spoil it, but it's lovely! :) Knight-Errant.

5. Watched a sweet Czech short film called "Still Life With Animated Dogs" with my parents. My dad gets all wibbly about Czech things, it's quite cute. Then I asked him what Zelenka's first name should be, since an lj-user with a name I am TOTALLY unable to spell but beings with M said something about it this morning, and he rattled off a whole lot of popular Czech names, and I like Milos the best :-D AND SO IT IS.

3 things I did well:

1. Stayed relatively calm in face of deadline. No tears or anything. Not even dramatic drug-requiring asthma attacks. W00t!

2. Had long business meeting with father boss, yay!

3. Dealt with insurance peoples over the phone.
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