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plague day!

I get a call from my supervisor this morning, all "where ARE you!??" I am all: *blink blink* "Huh?"

There was a whole lot of miscommunication about shift-switching that made my supervisor think that I knew to come in to work for someone else... while I didn't even know this other person's schedule. Oops.

So, I get up and get ready to go to work, full of general unwarranted indignance at the universe. Except ICE IS FALLING FROM THE SKY in large quantities, and a good old-fashioned nor'easter blizzard is just starting, and our road isn't plowed and I don't have four-wheel-drive, etc, raa.

My mother is all "Bring your pajamas in case you have to sleep at the shop!"

Me: dramatic scene of "RETAIL IS NOT WORTH THIS!!" (I specify, because I just spent last night watching the OMG AWESOME Atlantis marathon, and they didn't stop working just because of some inclement weather)

I make plans to post a "If you never hear from me again, I died valiantly on the road and/or am sleeping at Kripalu FOREVER" note to livejournal to share my righteous indignance with everyone. Then my dad comes upstairs and says there's no way in hell he's going to try and make it to the post office, and when my dad refuses to drive somewhere for new NetFlix, you KNOW the weather is bad. And then he tells me all sorts of stuff about how I am doing VEHICULAR SUICIDE, etc.

So I call Sara to tell her about the ICE FALLING FROM THE SKY, and she is all "I AM SO SCREWED! I AM ALL BY MYSELF IN THE SHOP!" since a bunch of people called in sick, too. Meep for Sara. And then she goes "... actually, YOU shouldn't come in to work, because this is highly contagious and you could die with your immune system of uselessness because you have been JAFFA'd." (last part added in homage to mystic_isles000)

Me: "Meep?" (I checked the FLU WARNING site, too, and there's a big evil red spot of doom in my region. I will now hide in my room and LIVE IN FEAR, because, omg, I am not going to get an eval virus that will make me have mono again for months and months, NO.)

Apparently, as rpgmaniac666 said and my mother just corroborated, they issued a building-wide EPIDEMIC WARNING that anyone falling sick with this thing has to report it to the security office immediately. All these people in my mom's office got hospitalized for ridiculously high fevers and dehydration, etc., blah, ew. It may be the same plague that amilyn's friends and relations have been keeling over from, or at least an East Coast strain of it... not sure.

So I am on a Snow Plague Day from work.

-- Little Red, who is sure this is more amusing and terrifying eeeeeeeek to her than it is to any of you.

p.s. Atlantis marathon o.m.f.g. so good.

p.p.s. And therefore it is a BIG DILEMMA whether to watch more 'lantis (I really want to see "Suspicion" again now that I am SUCH A TEYLA FANGIRL tm) or to watch new Sex and the City that was acquired from NetFlix before the storm.

p.s.s. I am now all afeared every time I eat something and feel sick. When did I become such a hypochondriac? I always feel sick after eating food. *smacks brain* Clearly, I need new Atlantis fic to distract me.

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