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three stories.

nacl calls me. "Are you still under-employed?"

Me: "Yes?"

I spent most of yesterday searching classifieds, actually, because I finished (wheee!) the bulk of the work I was contracted to do for my dad's company and so, yes, once again need moneys. Also, the cool Kripalu PR job is still up in the air -- as in, still posted, but they haven't contacted me about it even after I bugged them -- and though I was all "this means they hate me so much they won't even INTERVIEW me!" my mother was all "Actually, that department's just disorganized and a *half.*" Which makes me wonder why I would really want to take on a job where it would be my responsibility to organize them...


Mim: "Want to drive a heated van full of butterflies to the MFA in Boston?"

Me: "... okay?"

If all goes according to plan, on Tuesday, and weekly thereafter, I will drive a 15-seater van *through Boston and Springfield* (eeeek). Full of butterflies. And out-of-season plants.

Me: "This is a bit strange."

Mim: "Welcome to my world."


This came after a dream which involved Soc-Soc (the Socialist Socialite Knitting Circle of Brown fame, of course), time travel, Kerry S., and a summer camp that I definitely never attended. I was also attempting to use my cell phone to either contact the future or contact Thor.

The Jolt Central Intelligence LIVES ON in my subconscious!


Last night, over dinner with my father, I solved Xenon's paradox about the fly and the carriage. (Sachi's solution to this puzzle involves breaking time down into a series of infinitely small segments which contain no actual time duration themselves, for they are so small... therefore, there is no actual movement at all, and everything is just a series of still moments. I also came up with some attributes to be assigned to every infinitely small particle in the universe so that the universe would continue to hang together as a coherent unit, even though I had just broken it up into a series of still images. And no, I don't think I'm the first person to have thought of this, but it was really cool and involved lots of hand gestures and stick figure drawings. I could recreate this bit of questionable brilliance for you in its entirety, but I don't think any of you really care.)

For an hour or two, the mono-fog lifted I remembered what it used to feel like to live in this body and this brain. If I gritted my teeth I could keep thoughts in my head from the beginning to the end of a sentence, and I recalled details from my high school physics class, and I looked at the world and twisted it like I could see beyond the surface of things again, and it felt so. good.

We also postulated the fundamental difference between Eastern and Western religions (something about The Truth and the focus being in the future or in the past), figured out how souls and reincarnation works (it involved metaphors about water droplets and bathtubs and stuff), and completely made "free will" irrelevant. And figured out how to make chili-based dinners more easily by simmering uncooked pasta *in* the chili rather than cooking them separately!

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