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Battlestar Galactica...

... has warped me. More specifically, an entire day of watching the miniseries, "33" and "Water" on Sci-Fi, combined with my own brilliant lack of visual memory has warped me.

I'm trying to read a Stargate SG-1 / Stargate Atlantis fic right now, and can't picture Sam Carter. At all. It's like she has been wiped from my brain and replaced with the nearest butch blonde that comes to hand. So... now I have Starbuck hanging out with Elizabeth Weir at the SGC and talking about her love life with Pete.

The most interesting part of this is that it's making me like Starbuck lots more. Hmmm. (Not that I don't like Starbuck, because I do! I really do! No need to defriend me! Unless, like, you really want to. I'm just still getting to know her, I think, like most of the other characters. Except Boomer. Because I'm totally watching the show for Boomer.)

But I think I'm properly hooked on the show now, if only because of my insane fangirly love for the Cylon Talia Winters Boomer (NOOO BOOMER NOOOOO!), President Laura, and Adama. I really like the cast of characters in general, though, and love that it's an ensemble with lots of random recurring people running around.

I think the show is totally incredible and very well-done. The reason I'm a bit reluctant to get into it is really a personal thing, or really because it is so well-done. The INSANE LACK OF HOPE is wonderfully executed and intense... but I can't decide if this much intense is good for me ;). I would've turned off "33" and walked away if it weren't for, um, the peer pressure of my friendslist... and I stuck it out and really liked "Water", and then really appreciated "33" the second time around today. Oh, and totally wrote fanfic the night of the premiere, despite not yet being convinced whether or not I was going to keep watching the show, because, omg IT IS A SICKNESS. (Stay tuned for that, by the way, it's with my lovely beta.)

So... I'm provisionally in. Or, I'm totally in, and just haven't fully admitted it yet out of fear that I'm going to start walking around all depressed and paranoid.

Maybe I belong better with the original Galactica -- ridiculous hope, cardboard sets and all?

That said, anyone know where I could find pretty icons of Boomer or the President? Yeah. I'm so hooked.

EDIT: I found the Television Without Pity recaps for the miniseries! W00t!! These entertained me madly when I was dying dead of fever the first time the miniseries aired :)

Part One, or, 'Disco Inferno'

Part Two, or, 'The Day After'

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