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... but I hear violins

I will now avoid talking about my actual life and pressing thoughts by spamming you with the usual Little Red ridiculousness.

High on my list of daily gleee is that relevance hooked me up with more Conjure One last night (since pellmelody got me hooked). I'm now listening to Center of the Sun rather endlessly, and want the lyrics on icons and stuff (because I am incapable of just kindasorta liking something without TOTAL TEMPORARY OBSESSION). ( link, so download, pirate, listen, make me icons, yay)


In other Very Important News, I have found the Best. Fic. Ever. I never really understood that thing people say about "OMG, this story is so good it makes me never want to write anything again!" But this is that story for me. I'm also blaming it for making it now totally impossible for me to run away from this show.

New Battlestar Galactica, "Five Deaths (Laura Roslin)" by Rheanna, a fic in five parts: One Two Three Four Five


The OTHER thing that's making it impossible for me to run away from this frakking [geekiness intentional] show is that TELEVISION WITHOUT PITY PICKED UP GALACTICA. Oh. Thank God. I can now watch this show with the requisite amount of snark to keep me from sinking into a dark, dark pit of despair. (geekflashback: "It was a time of dark, dark despair." "You said that." <-- 5 points to anyone who can tell me where *that*'s from)


5 good things about today minus the 3 good things listed above:

4. jennylouise123 sent me the "Sheppard/Weir: Saving the Galaxy and Looking Good Doing It" badge in the mail! YAY!! Even more entertaining was explaining it to my mother. Even more entertaining was having her explain it to my father. "Even the actors thought it was funny, isn't that right, Sachi? And look -- the emphasis on doing it makes it funny!"

5. w0lfstar emailed me right at a moment of DARK DARK DESPAIR and we planned for me to go stay with her for a long weekend soon! And watch Atlantis. And play with her shiny new mixer for manic midnight baking. YAY!!! Kappa gleeee party!

3 things I did well:

1. Did yoga and meditation practice.

2. Ate dinner (yes, it was that sort of day. Shush. It's an accomplishment.)

3. Left the house and braved wintryicydeath on the roads to get to Kripalu for dinner.

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