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my fever dreams are so plagiarized, omfg!

I awake from bizarre Atlantis fever-dream, and go "Dude! That was cool!" And then "Wait... that sounds... familiar."

Apparently, my subconscious, being too sick and lazy to come up with its own plotline for the day, reached into a grab bag of Star Trek episodes and tossed them into the Atlantis universe. In a blender, in the Atlantis universe.

I will colour-code the references for you, because... um, well, because I still have a high fever and it amuses me:

Classic / The Next Generation / Deep Space Nine / Voyager / Enterprise

So. Atlantis. Except it's not really Atlantis. It's some kind of mirror universe ("Mirror, Mirror" or "Crossover"), and it's occupying the exact same space and time that *our* Atlantis is occupying ("Deadlock"). This mirror split off fairly recently, and the connection between them is somehow Dr. Weir -- she's the only one from *our* Atlantis being at all affected by this anomaly, because it's All About Her, or Because Of Her somehow ("All Good Things...").

Over in mirror!'lantis, all is not well. First of all, they (and possibly our Atlantis as well, still not sure about that) are existing in a time loop ("Cause and Effect") which is making them relive the same few hours or days or whatever over and over again. Not only that -- they're all getting unhinged, either because the lack of sleep ("Night Terrors") is somehow carrying through the time loops, or because whatever *caused* the alternate-universe-ing / time-loop thing is poisoning them and driving them crazy (That one Enterprise episode whose title I can't remember but I always refer to as "Night Of The Living Vulcans").

Like in our universe, their Lizzie is affected most and first, and this craziness induces her to jump John Sheppard in a turbolift in repeated timeloops and it is all Violent And Angry Jumping in at least one of them, for, you know, the craziness ("Man of the People" -- which, incidentally, is the episode I fell asleep watching when all this feverish madness began). The mirror!'lantis people start to realize that something is Very Very Wrong, but are powerless to fix it ("Course: Oblivion").

Meanwhile, back in regular!'lantis, Lizzie is kinda sick and hallucinating and babbling all this stuff and possibly dying ("Twisted"), and weird technobabbly things are happening because of the mirror!verse having split off. Shep and Teyla (and possibly Ford and McKay, that part kept swooshing in and out) hop in a puddle-jumper and fly outside the range of the anomaly to... like... scan it or something. And somehow manage to switch into the alterna!verse long enough to go *visit* the alterna'lantis and see how scary and bad things have gotten over there.

And... somehow, this gaping plothole brought to you by this being a dream, the have to reintegrate the two mirrors or, like, the fabric of the universe will implode or Lizzie will die or something, and equally nebulously, that happens! MAGIC. But because Lizzie is somehow the link that's connecting the two 'verses, all of alterna'lizzie's memories get whooshed into her. (... I don't remember what episode that idea's from, but I'm SURE it has happened on Star Trek.)

Let it be said that I very much love my brain for how it entertains me.

Now hopefully all my shrieking at the sci-fi gleee on the television will keep me awake. :) Laaaaaaaa.

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