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Brief Thoughts

Which Stargate Atlantis guy is yours? by sg_crazy
Your Atlantis guy is...Aiden Ford
Because...He likes you (which helps... a lot)
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GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I'm such a terrible fangirl. Especially after watching the behind-the-gate thing. I've been having fever-dreams about his freaking bachelor pad, God help me. (It's not MY fault that my hippie upbringing has raised me to not find men named "Rainbow" inherently undateable...) This really has to stop.

Enterprise: Whatever It Was Called OMFG! Travis and Hoshi got LINES!!! ... unfortunately, none of Hoshi's lines made any sense for her character, and none of Travis' lines were actually his character at all.

However, I think there is episode-related fic to be written for every possible 'ship imaginable after this one. That might actually be kinda fun to try. And my old fleeting attempts to pair Hoshi with Trip or with Archer reawakened here for a few minutes, and I squeeed. I SUCK at OTPs, I really do. I'm... a serial OTP-er, maybe. Who attends OTP key parties.

Atlantis: The Eye My squeee has not AT ALL been lessened by having seen this episode a billion and a half times. There is so much more on TV! :) I love it madlymadlymadly, for it is teh hawt and full of inferrability for all 'ships and is just so. pretty. GUH. Water is sex, yo.

SG-1: The One With The Replicarter Replicarter is so freaking hot. I was totally surprised at 5th getting destroyed, too, but only because liminalliz has been touting the OTP-ness of that pairing and I was DECEIVED!

I was also surprised at how INCREDIBLY STUPID everyone in the Milky Way seems to have gotten over the hiatus. I'm not saying that the hotness of the Carter frogclone didn't make up for this and make this a good episode, and I'm not saying I didn't LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'shippy bit with the Replicarter having to kill Jack... but MY GOD, PEOPLE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!??? HAVE NONE OF YOU WATCHED TV BEFORE IN YOUR *LIVES*?

I somehow emerged from this with the horrifying and fever-induced realization that the Jack/Sam 'ship is BAD and DANGEROUS now, for it is endangering the freaking galaxy, and that Replicarter is stronger than Sam because she was able to overcome it. *boggles* That won't make any sense once the fever breaks, so no worries.

Again, Replicarter is really hot. My sinful LJ girlfriend has good taste. Except Fifth is way too creepy to be pretty at all, sorry, everyone. :)

Galactica: OH MY GOD, APOLLO ALMOST KILLED APOLLO AND THERE WERE REALLY META SPEECHES OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! I like Apollo a lot now. I'm still not totally sold on Starbuck, but I like her more now that I know she kinda wants Tigh's approval and is just *fantastically* inept at getting it. She was so owed that verbal bitchslap at the end from the miniseries.

And Adama and Apollo and Roslin had cute Family Hour there for a really amusing scene, HEE. And 7 months? I have a bad feeling that Roslin's life hangs in the balance of Whether Or Not This Show Gets Renewed, and/or Whether Or Not Mary McDonnell Finds Something Better To Do. Eep. And I'm willing to ignore her new hair for it looks pretty and distracted me from THE DEPRESSING for some of the episode, in much the same way I was willing to ignore Lizzie's extensive dry-clean-only wardrobe from earlier this season.


In real-life news, I am a lot less sick, thanks to all of you with suggestions. Keeping water and health-food-electrolyte-juice down in small doses and now mostly just have to contend with fever... and I've got enough practice with that (and it's kinda fun at the drugged-out-hallucinate-y stage).

And my mom may have gotten me into a program at Kripalu next week called "Yoga and the Quest for the True Self", if I'm well by then, and damn does it look INSANELY COOL. She thinks it would be good for me, as lots of it is about dharma and uncovering and following one's true path. And will get me out of the house and put me on a schedule of some kind for a week. :) But so cool. *fangirls Raja Yoga* (er... that's "yoga of the mind" or the more academic studious side of yoga for those who did not grow up in their yoga cult of choice)

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