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the good, the bad, and the exceptionally pretty

on TV:

Enterprise: SHRAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! *happy flailing* I LOVED this. This was so much fun. But seriously, what was going on with the camera? Who directed this?? I feel like someone spent money on a new camera lens and were all "OOOO. Let's try THIS!" It had a very different feel too it. ... which, may have been a good thing, because the episode kicked ass and Hoshi, Travis and Reed all got LINES.

The ultimate geek test: How many Trekkies out there spent the whole episode going "OMG, don't let them see the Romulan's faces, don't let them see their faces, don't let them..."

Atlantis: "The Defiant One" is such a gratuitous episode. I am totally its target audience. I will watch Sheppard run around and be pretty ALL DAY. I would watch it *again* if I didn't need to sleep.

Battlestar Galactica: This brief thought is *exceptionally* brief because I haven't actually watched the whole episode yet. But seriously. What the frak is up with this show? I was all "YAY! A moment of NOT TOTAL ANGST!" and then a freaking missile blows everyone up. It was a JOY-SEEKING MISSILE. "OH NO!! You people are not being sufficiently ANGSTY for twenty-five seconds therefore you must BE DESTROYED!" ONLY on Battlestar Galactica. I just... collapsed laughing and could not stop. (And if I was on the show, that probably would have meant MY IMMINENT DEATH.) It takes it self so seriously, too. However, it's still very, very pretty, and I look forward to watching the rest of it tomorrow, for must sleep now.

In life:

In other news I haven't quite gotten around to reporting, I'm doing Dramatic Life Attitude Change-y things, with like Goals and Schedules and Accountability and things like that. Also, with a sticker-based reward system and schedules drawn in Crayola and Mr. Sketch, so it is truly the kindergarten approach to maturity. But. Yeah. This prolonged sickness thing has rendered me totally financially dependent on my parents and kinda weird in the head. I need to find a way to maintain as reliable a health as possible (I have a whole other post on "OMG! I figured out what the hell is wrong with me! ... I think", but, bedtime)... while becoming an ADULT AGAIN. So it's all about coping with the future and figuring out how to do that with a condition that probably isn't ever going to totally go away.

I really will detail what's going on more at some point, more for me than for anyone else, but at this point... the part that applies to y'all is that I may be a little slower at replying to posts and emails, and am mostly getting offline to sleep at 10 so all chattiness must happen before that (and I'm learning this week that 10 hours of sleep *really* isn't enough, arg... so... that may become earlier, gah). W00t. Don't feel unloved! Just feel... less loved? Anyway.

However, less attention may oddly result in more fic, because learning and practicing "production writing" ski11z is part of my plan, as 'tis useful for future possible careerness as a trashy romance novelist. And, shock of all shocks, my mother was all "No, you should *totally* practice these skills with fanfic, because you have a built-in audience and support and editors and stuff." Rock on, Mumsey.

And my practice novel? "Second Chances." I'm actually not kidding this time. :) (The inspiration to use this and to add the creativity side into my Life Plan did come in some part for being nominated for the Isis Awards and forgetting to veto the Second Chances nomination in time because of the INSANE GUILT at not having finished it... so yay!! Thank you whoever-it-was for that, as it was timely and cool!)

Today I FINISHED THE EVIL SCENE that completely stalled the forward progress of this novel beast for a YEAR. *celebrates INSANELY* That is so a freaking gleee list in and of itself. I'm writing it again! YAY!!

As it stands now, I've also got time scheduled for smaller fics, still with an eye to honing my wishy-washy inspiration writerness into production I-can-actually-finish-things-and-can-stop-saying-I-SUCK writerness, so watch this space. :) Heh. Maybe I'll start working through those ten thousand fics that are 3/4 of the way through...

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