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regression, and more cracked-out Little Red dreams

Setbacks are annoying. *dies dead of mono* Grrr. Clearly, I have to build more sleep-time into my regular schedule... or something. I'm attempting not to get upset about this, because I *knew* I was headed into a long process of trial and error... but it still bites.

On the upside, the insane mono-fever-dream thing that lasted until about noon was cool as hell, in a very confusing sort of way. Some really freaking awesome mega-plot-thing that had all sorts of Star Trek TNG and DS9 people in the Pegasus Galaxy with the Atlantis folk, and Picard in Klingon-makeup (because Klingons were... like... allied with the Wraith, or something) and there were evil Ancients with TIME MACHINES trying to DESTROY EARTH'S PAST and stuff. Kira and Teyla sort of got amalgamated into the same character, I think... which actually makes a frightening amount of sense. Way to go, my unconscious.

The Good Guys were also falling victim to some kind of biological warfare... I think. Or radiation poisoning. Or something that made everyone get sick at odd points for periods of time.

There was also time-out for John to take Lizzie flying on some sort of Ancient anti-grav hang-glider.

Last I saw, KiraTeyla had managed to escape her Evil Ancient-or-something Tormentor to crawl into a sarcophagus in an attempt to heal herself so she could Get Back To The Fight... but evil Ancient dude caught her and took her back in time a thousands of years to where their Nefarious Plot was being enacted. (And somehow, this involved humans living in modern-day skyscrapers with big televisions). AND THEN I WOKE UP IT WAS TO BE CONTINUED. This makes me sad.

But I am cheered by the internet. YAY. I'm going to go pass out again now. *zonks*

Edit: John Sheppard/Kira Nerys crossover OTP? No, she'd totally kick his ass and not give him the time of day... but would still be entertaining and hot. This comment brought to you by the letter Z and the degree number 101.6

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