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time-lapse gleee

Yesterday's gleee, for was too tired to type it in then:

5 good things about yesterday:

1. My kappa and livejournal friends are freaking amazing. I feel so totally loved.

2. Had the coolest conversation with wisdomeagle, who both gave, like, spiritual credit to the joy sadhana thing *and* gave me the greatest compliment ever. And now she is doing gleee!lists too!

3. Comment-spam with liminalliz! And pikshurz! *loves sinful lj girlfriend yay*

4. Got a knitting assignment from besyd which I will get to play around with...

5. Watched an episode of Smiley's People with parents... which is partly gleee for the general spy stuff and mostly gleee for the delightful woodstove fire that I didn't have to make!

3 things I did well:

1. Got started on the PianoKids database project and worked my full 2 hours even though was feeling tired.

2. Made egg-fried-rice thing with veggies that is SO VERY HEALTHY. Not as tasty without the oil or actual flavoring, but very healthy ;)

3. Resisted eating crackersandcheese that were on the kitchen counter all day. *raaars*

And... wisdomeagle added a "2 things I will do better tomorrow" bit to her gleee!list, which is intriguing me. I like the idea of reaffirming intentions, but I'm worried that it'll just turn into another thing I beat myself up over, thus defeating the gleee. But would like to give it a nice conscious attempt ;) I had been doing these weekly with Mumsey, but this is neat. :)

2 intentions for tomorrow today:

1. Do at least one thing without procrastinating it first.

2. Actually get offline/go to bed at 10.

Hmm. Those sound less intention-y and more critical. *lacks will and energy to rephrase*


In other news, I dreamed in OT3. Or, rather, probably not the sort of OT3 that you OT3 folk actually *like*, but the sort of screwed-up-unhappy OT3 that would spring from the mind of someone who's rather diehard Sheppard/Weir and whose only experience with three-ways is... well, deeply screwed up and unhappy! But the idea's intriguing me now, though I still can't wrap my brain around how they got into that relationship in the first place. HMMM.

And this resulted in me dreaming in McKay/Weir. Or, well, closer to McKay/Weir than I've ever really managed to think myself into before. So, heh, perhaps I really *will* be able to write that fic I owe wisdomeagle... (although, the more I think about it, the more the scene is transforming into friendship/UST. And then my brain is really desperately trying to rewrite it with Shep, which is what happened the last time I tried to write McKay/Weir. *pets own one-track-mind* So... we'll see.)

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