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I have like 8 billion windows of lj-posts I mean to look at and comment upon as soon as I get the chance and can rally a few brain cells to the cause... don't feel unloved! 'Tis just my new bedtime. Yay.

5 good things about today:

1. Dinner with Libby Libby Libby and Renu. PEOPLE MY OWN AGE! (mostly) HUMAN CONTACT! Oh thank God.

2. OLIVE BREAD. <-- this is my ONE exception to this new omg-cure-myself-maybe diet thing, because I can *deep breath* give up bread and pasta and EVEN give up bagels, but once every two weeks there is olive bread, and I LIVE for the goodness that is that. So mmmmmmm. GLEEE.

3. My mom passed on an awesome compliment that she got about me from someone. Like, awesome, and I feel oh so very VAIN for clinging onto stuff like that, but it's so nice to think that from the outside I look good and capable and loving and smart and impressive when the tired part of me feels like wasted space (which is weird, it's just been hard to shake lately, like there's some sort of foreign agent controlling my thoughts). But AM LOVED BY NEAR-STRANGERS. Now I just need to find a job that lets me converse with people and be joyful for a living. :)

4. There is a book called "doga" wherein yoga is taught using adorable photos of dogs. And hilarious captions. And QUOTES from the dogs. SO. FUNNY. Very much want to buy it for besyd.

5. liminalliz? Is the best sinful lj girlfriend ever. She made me this icon, which I so NEED, and so love, and yes, I feel adored and loved and WORTHY and I will now be a geek and ridiculously idolize a TV character because I need someone to look up to who won't be creeped out by the adoration (for, she is not realy, yay!) and OMG look! It IS ALL EXPRESSED IN MY ICON!!! *makes default icon in hopes that it will EMPOWER MEEEEEE*

and 6. because this is TOO GREAT to ignore: SNOW. Pretty awesome yay gleeeful snow, the happy fluffy kind where it isn't aaaaall that cold and it lands on tongues and noses and stuff. And there was this adorable guest here from San Diego who had never seen snow before (how does that HAPPEN!?) and was running around taking pictures and was just ELATED that there was whiteness falling from the actual sky! Like, not in a movie, omg!! It was so cute.

3 things I did well:

1. Untangled that cursed freaking necklace. The awesome part? It sold like five minutes later to someone who really loved it. YES.

2. Was kickass retail girl, doing all sorts of little projects and helping customers and being GOOD.

3. AM GETTING OFFLINE RIGHT NOW AT 9 PM despite having online things to dooooo.

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