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Oh my.

It's actually QXCI. And (all you TWoP-reading trekkies out there take note) the Q stands for Quantum. It's a freaking Quantum Xerroid Consciousness Interface. And it involves head and wrist and ankle straps and lots of lying there while computer programs read things about me (perhaps by interfacing with my consciousness?).

And as if having "Quantum" and "Interface" printed on the side of a blinky-lighted machine wasn't Star Trek-y enough, the computer program has little sound effects. And one of the sound effects is the sound of the Star Trek doors whooshing shut. There's also a "Dude! Excellent!" culled from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Now that I have mocked the crap out of it, let me say that I was actually really really impressed by some of the information generated by this toy. Aside from corroborating exactly what I have been saying (and the medical professionals, too) all along about mono, asthma, etc. the thing picked up my high school swimming shoulder injury and even the approximate age at which it occurred without my saying anything about it. And I'm told it can also detect past emotional traumas. Eep?

It remains to be seen whether zapping me with the inverse electric field generated by the mono virus will in fact deplete its life force and return me to the world of the living.

Oh, and I get to go back to her in two weeks to get my brainwaves combed. Combed! Brainwaves!!

My life is SO AWESOME.

As for the antics of Little Red and Mumsey while we have the house to ourselves, Mumsey refuses to be properly introduced to Stargate because she doesn't want to know what the gang really looks like. I have promised they are pretty, but she does not budge. We are instead continuing watching our way through all of Deep Space Nine on DVD. We just watched "Crossfire" , where Odo gets all angst-tastic (poor Odo!) over Kira and Shakaar getting together. Odo and Kira was so tragic for so long because she kept getting with really decent guys, and after killing Vedek Bareil the show just didn't have the heart to do that to her again. Mumsey kept saying "Shakaar's *such* a nice guy! I'm glad she got with him! But... poor Odo!" It's nice to watch these with the knowledge that they *do* get together. And, strangely, I feel a lot less aaaag! about Stargate's "Chimera" now. There's no good reason why the Prophets can't make a brief appearance to inform Sam that she's "not meant to walk the same path" as Pete at some point in the near future. Okay, there are a lot of good reasons why that specifically can't happen, but I think my point is clear. And it's so naptime.

In other news, apparently high school English is far enough behind me where I no longer twitch in the face of literature, and I picked up The Book of Daniel again (by E.L. Doctorow, not the gospel according to). It's quite a bit much for the brain I currently possess, but I'm sort of pretending it's a dream, so I enjoy it a lot. And think of it -- at this rate I'll get to read it again for the first time a few months from now!

-- Little Red, whose dialup connection has been kind enough to allow her to report in between naps.

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