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Just left the dorkiest message EVARRRR on the phone of my sinful lj girlfriend, who will now totally break up with me for being unable to remember my own phone number. However, after getting up all early and having a long day it's quite remarkable that I remembered my name, so, w00t! *laughs at self*

And a GEEK CONFESSIONAL: Geekiness Part One is Slavic Studies and Linguistic Geekiness, because I spent like twenty minutes on the floor of Barnes & Noble cursing their meagre selection of Tolstoy translations in my attempt to buy a copy of War and Peace, since this is a really obvious gap in my library. Anyway. Couldn't remember the exact Optimality Translation Theory verdict I came up with in that project I did once with Anna Karenina and Crime and Punishment translations, but remembered to avoid Constance Garnett For She Was The First-Ever Russian Lit To English Translator And Did Not Actually Speak Russian All That Well Says Kerry, and finally picked one out.

Geekiness Part Two, in the car, on the way home: "Dammit! Major Sheppard totally would have had the Constance Garnett translation."

5 good things about today:

1. Before the translation geekiness began, consoled myself on their lack of foreign-language books (for War and Peace IN RUSSIAN omg *wants*) spent 45 minutes in Barnes & Noble geeking out over KNITTING BOOKS (I covet this anthology of edges and *forgets word* for pattern design, OMG, PRETTY, but 30 dollars, so later).

2. Worked with awesome people!

3. Harshad! With adorable baby photos!

4. Lunch with alosersdream. :)

5. Got off work at 4:15!! I heart this early schedule. eep 7 a.m. next weekend!

edit: 6. OY! I need to start post-it-ing things to my FACE. GO SEE lilwitchy's awesome awesome Sheppard/Weir wallpapers in this post because much gleee. /edit

3 things I did well:

1. set out all vitamins for next week!

2. got to work (earlyyyyy!) on time without rushing

3. worked all day on awarenesses I thought about last night and this morning (which I may elaborate upon later when my eyelids are not falling off with tired and my ability to capitalize sentences has returned).

Good night!!

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