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5 good things about today:

1. HALLMARK POETS ANONYMOUS!!! redbeard, wisdomeagle, froggoddess and possibly others all played... am too lazy to find SPECIFIC links to the page, but GO READ OMG.

2. My meditation clock counts *up* automatically to 20 minutes. There are power naps in my future! Lots of them!

3. Woke up to email saying liminalliz is sending me Valentine's day squeee! And was totally entertaining all day. BEST ALMOST-RELATIONSHIP EVARRR.

4. Dad is home from Toronto safely.

5. sg1knitters is still amusing me tremendously.

3 things I did well:

1. Made dinner with no food in the house! It was impressive, and I managed to make both dishes that *I* could eat with my freaky-ass nutritional things and also stuff for my parents. *is proud*

2. Got up on time today even after working all weekend.

3. Found and reread my old translation theory paper regarding the War & Peace translation deal thing.

My glands are all still trying to EXPLODE inside my body, so I will now go to bed and beat back the evalll germz with SLEEP! Wheeee! But I miss everyone I haven't talked too lately A LOT, so sorry. *hugs*

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