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gleeee! and recs!

5 good things about today:

1. wisdomeagle wrote THE MOST PERFECT FIC FOR ME EVER. cleverocity, you *especially* need to read this. (Also liminalliz, as it is based on one of your icons). Stronger Every Day.

2. Fic fic everywhere!! *bounces and squeees and loves* Competition by rosewildeirish is Sparky and Weir/Zelenka and terribly amusing. Underwater by msraven929 is Sparky and wacky and CUTE. And w0lfstar and others and I am just tired now, so no more links, but FIC IS BEST MEDICINE. Thank you.

3. mspooh's Sheppard/Weir vid "Good Friend To Me" makes me so happy. It's so well done and good. Her vid site is here.

4. lilwitchy made a brilliantlycool link banner thinggy for her site, but she's letting me post it to my userinfo. Which I will do TOMORROW as contains spoilers for "Before I Sleep" and I'm lazy. But is in this post for now: here.

5. I am deeply loved by my friendslist, YAY. *feels worthwhile and loved and fuzzy and stuff, omg* NO clue how much I needed that. Click it and scroll for pretty pictures of cute animals, including spockette's hamster. (And malinne sent me cute pics of animals via email... it's a THEME!)

Oooh! And 6! Totally unrelated to the interweb. MassHealth APPROVED this totally weird scheme about me being self-employed and is subsidizing my supah-expensive health insurance!! OH THANK GOD.

3 things I did well:

1. Um... poured water into bottles to dechlorinate so can clean fishtank sometime in the undefined future.

2. Took all my vitamins (just now, so I could write that).

3. Wrote Doggett/Reyes randomness.

*so much love to everyone*

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