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in which Little Red is (at least) four weeks behind the rest of the civilized world

Four weeks ago, Little Red started working early on Saturday mornings, and, as such, could not watch the Insane Friday Night Of Science-Fiction Squeee. I am now vainly attempting to play catch-up. It's very sad that watching my favorite television shows has become my equivalent of besyd's endless friendslist struggle.

Although, really, this fits in perfectly well with my desire to live in anticipation as long as possible. keenween used to have to force me to watch things :). And if I had my way, Christmas would probably drag on until March.

Anyway. To recap:

Battlestar Galactica, "Acts Of Contrition": I am such a terrible, uncultured person, because this show makes me laugh at all sorts of inappropriate moments. It just... I mean, I get that it's going for relentlessly horrible, and the swervy camera angles are neat and new, but it often feels like it's laying it on a bit thick. I did like the funeral-flashback sequence quite a bit, but the rest of the flashbacks (and flash-forwards) made me want to scream. Well, actually scream, because I am home alone, and there's no one to come downstairs and ask "who do you keep telling to shut up and stop it?" I still really, really like elements of this show. Although he has very little to do in this episode, this is totally the one that makes me love on Apollo, if only for the awesomely dysfunctional family relationship with him and Adama and Starbuck. (Which... I know it's super-squicky, but people are totally writing Adama/Starbuck, right? I mean, they have to be. And no, I'm not volunteering.)

I think that, with Adama and Starbuck's relationship as lovey and familial and wheeeehappy as it is, that they have made it canon that they didn't meet until after Zak's death. I totally imagined that she was the adored fiancee beforehand -- this way, I would have expected them to have more of a Doggett-and-Reyes thing where it's all every time I look at you I see that horrible day.

Single best moment: before the gleee-seeking missile, when Adama busts Starbuck and Apollo for spilling the paint, and Starbuck's all "he did it!" and Apollo points back a second later all half-heartedly, and it's ADORABLE because she enables Apollo to be Adama's son again even for that dorkygoofy moment. Plus, it's a break in the RELENTLESS ANGST. But, like Edith Wharton said, so much happiness can only end in tears.

SG-1, "Prometheus Unbound": Man, I think I was just in a really uncharitable mood last night, because this episode just made me really sad and want to fast-forward through lots of it. Which I didn't. But I wanted to. Allow me to break it down.

1. All Daniel All The Time: Where last week (for me, two months ago for all of you), in "Gemini", Daniel basically wanders off the edge of the screen in the teaser and is never heard from again, now Teal'c and Sam are off mini-golfing or something this whole episode. Or is this meant to run concurrently with "Gemini", timeline-wise? AT ANY RATE, I feel like I'm watching, I don't know, the last tour of the Beatles or something, where our Fab Four hate each other so much they won't even be in the same EPISODE together, let alone on-screen together, and have lawyers all clamboring to make sure everyone gets an equal number of episodes. Which I know is totally not what's happening, but it feels like that. What I'm discovering is that I really don't like ANY of the characters enough to care about them independently, just adore them x1000000000000 when they're TOGETHER.

2. Claudia Black: Is very pretty, and reminds me of Mimi Rogers. I like that she stole the ship, I like that she was a total nymphomaniac, I like the casual brutality. I was confused by her weird stories about Goa'uld and Tok'ra and Refugees, Oh My!, but not enough to really care. Just... her scenes felt a bit redundant by mid-episode. I wanted her to continue to be super-clever and outwitting people, because clever thieves are fun. However, I will admit to spending ten minutes chanting "Daniel got beat up by a GIR-L... Daniel got beat up by a GIRRRR-LLLL."

3. Papa General Hammond: OH MY GOD I MISSED YOU SO. And, while his explanation for wanting to take Prometheus forever away from Earth is believable, to some extent, because I'm sure Washington is BOOOOO-RING and away from the action, it just doesn't jive with the PGH I know and love and haven't told to shut up since season 2 somewhere. But this guy is irresponsible and acting like a bad commander with a death wish, and that is NOT his style. It made me very sad.

4. Colonel Reynolds: My love for you will not be tarnished by the CPR scene, because I have blocked it out.

5. Chief Engineer Mary Sue: I like her, and want her to come to Atlantis and bewilder Sheppard and bother the heck out of McKay.

Enterprise, "United": SHRAN SHRAN SHRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! OMG. I love this episode, let me count the ways:

1. SHRAAAAN! The anger, and the antennae, and just, omg. He acts rings around everyone and I love Jeffrey Coombs SO. And the speech about leadership and everything, and just, goddamn, he's the best and the character is so wonderfully solid as well.

2. Federation Federation Federation!! How dense am I that it took me until the middle of the episode to start chanting that? Because wheeeeeee, it's so going to happen.

3. Mayweather and Hoshi got lines, a WHOLE SCENE (with an awful awful spinny-cam that sadly prevents me from watching it over and over again), and a role in the PLOT. And they are so cute and are best friends forever.

4. The little Romulan ship? Is the most maneuverable thing ever, and that made the fight scene totally nifty. Enterprise got PWNZED. But why no shoulder pads, Romulans? How am I meant to identify you as a species without SHOULDER PADS!??? And nenya_kanadka? Those are definitely Remans, and you were right.

5. The scene at the end with Malcolm and Trip made me remember why they were totally the OTP in the first season. But that little random slice of life at the end is my high point of the episode.


Today's my last non-working day while my parents are away (read: day in which I have the TV and can catch up), and I have about a billion things left to watch. Which so will not happen. I really will have to start building TV-time into my schedule...

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