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"I don't care if you cry the whole time, you're going to do your chores!"

One of those days.

But it's done now.

I'm totally embarrassed to be like this, I realized as I descended into exhausted hysterical MELTDOWN over the prospect of having to walk down the stairs to feed the dog dinner, not to mention having to walk back up them again to get back to bed.

And here's an uncharacteristically pessimistic sentiment: The problem with good days is that they make the bad days so much harder to swallow.

But I whittled it down to the absolute necessities to get done tonight (feed dog, feed self, do laundry for clean work uniform), and though I quite literally cried and wailed and carried on the whole time, I dragged myself through it. Done, done, and done. THANK GOD. And that even seems like a really good strategy (that maybe should be DUH OBVIOUS, but really isn't) -- to actually make reduce my immediate to-do list on days like this ONLY to things that will result in catastrophic failure if they are not immediately accomplished.

Now if I can just get my teeth brushed all the way in the other room I can quit napping and go to sleep for real.

And there is always joy:

5 good things about today:

1. "It's Good To Be King." I think I actually yelled "THANK GOD!" at the TV a few times. MY LOVE of this show is back, and all it took was Harry Mudd Maybourne and this episode! I love Stargate again! I 'ship Sam/Jack again! OMGYAY!

2. Battlestar Galactica. I watched the Lowdown and that-ep-whose-name-I-don't-know, and I like the show more and more. This episode was just muuuuuuch better than part 1, and both Starbuck and Apollo have won me over. And Helo! And really, given the occasional toaster anvil of this show and my own obsession with the word 'toast', there's just no reason for me not to like it, inspite of the insane angst.

3. "Hot Zone." The people on this show are awfully pretty. I see the McKay/Zelenka. On this viewing, I realize that Weir can be kind of a bitch isn't actually a very good negotiator when under insane pressure. I still adore her. And OMG, John is teh sex, and the stick-fighting scene with Teyla might be my favourite scene evarrrrrr. This episode made me just LOVE TEYLA SO. Still not for John, but their friendship is *adorable* and sibling-y and HILARIOUS (she beats him up! with sticks!) that I'm now wondering Elizabeth or Teyla's future SO (Ford!) might not feel... a bit left out, if not jealous. Man, I LOVE this episode!

4. Credit card company called to do a fraud check! Now, this is cool, because I'm me, and this has never happened before, and therefore it was kind of exciting. My parents actually *are* in Florida, so there is no fraudulent activity afoot, but it makes me feel all protected and stuff.

5. ambermystery and I did TKD and there was tenth-form coolness and then she borrowed Stargate.

3 things I did well:

1. Refilled humidifiers finally.

2. Checked post office.

3. Went to Lee to put gas in car and resisted urge to pull over and sleep at ridiculously long intersection.

P.S. And melyanna!! I'm sorry!! Forgive me? *looks cute*

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