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this is why they call it a *sadhana*

5 good things about today:

1. I won Isis Awards!! Holy crap! I totally didn't expect to win anything after dropping out of that fandom so long ago, and my god, those banners are just gorgeous. Major kudos to all the work and frustration that went into those awards, and congrats to, like, most of my friendslist!

2. I got a postcard from idle_dreamer! Also mailed from her and danashipper was what appears to be a [what do you call the white stuff they make mugs out of?] shot glass painted like the Swiss flag! Apparently it was the only thing in Switzerland that was "little and red." AWWWWWWW.

3. I got the TV alllll to myself tonight! Totally unexpectedly.

4. St. John's Wort tea is calming.

5. I like the skinny Crayola markers a lot.

3 things I did well:

1. Got dressed before the end of the day.

2. Ate enough to take most of my vitamins.

3. Called people to cancel the knitting circle rather than... I don't know. Not calling them and faking my own death.


1. I will do better tomorrow.

2. I will do better tomorrow.


And... these are totally random for am braindead and tired. I'm posting them anyway as PROOF that I actually am catching up on TV. :-P

Enterprise: The Aenar:

Okay, am I the only person who didn't think that the "eeee-nars" on the show were related to this strange word in the episode title, and that it was probably a Greek word that I'm just not clever enough to know? And then looked it up afterwards? And then went "OH!" after reading the recap on Television Without Pity?

THIS EPISODE MADE ME CRY! In a good way. Because omg, the scene with the little pale blind girl and Shran just MELTED me. AND TELEPATHS! YAY! But really. I loved the EEEEEnars (ridiculous holoprojectors aside) and love the girl and I want Shran to be on this show EVERY WEEK.

And Trip/T'Pol like crazy, yo. And that didn't make me cry at all. But it did make me go "awww." I like smitten!Trip. And God help me, I love non-smitten T'Pol even more. I mean, okay, in small doses, because I'd like them to get back together, but after all the shooting up space rocks and the... okay, I really don't need to say more than 'shooting up space rocks', do I?... it's SO NICE to have her be Vulcan again. Mostly. She's still the Worst Vulcan Ever. And I love her so. Have I confused you yet?

And if Trip's going to the Columbia does that mean that Archer gets to see his girlfriend again!? I hope so.

Er. And so. Battlestar Galactica: Litmus:

I really can't decide if I liked this episode or not. I don't think I did. But I came away from it enjoying the *series* more, which gives me the bad feeling that I prefer mediocre television to reallyreallygood television. Huh.

Tribunal = boringboringboring. Although I'm usually a fan of the courtroom witch hunt paranoid drama things, so it had that going for it. "The Drumhead" is still one of my favorite TNG eps, ditto "The Measure Of A Man". I haven't seen those enough. However, the times I did see them made me feel as though I had seen this episode before.

Telling The Public About The Cylons = STUPID. I'm with Sergeant Whatsherface about telling the security forces, okay, that could be very very useful, and at the VERY least you could tell them to "watch out for these men" and tell them that the reason why is classified, since, as military folk, they should accept that. But the thing about causing mass panic is still a concern, yo, and wouldn't it be just as easy to post pictures of the cylon dudes without saying "oh, and these people have already died multiple times and ARE CYLONS" and just say that they're, you know, 'Cylon agents'? They could get the point across, put out that most-wanted list, and round up those specific cylon models without causing MASS HYSTERIA and potentially undermining the chain of command. On the other hand, I'm apparently a fascist. I can also see how telling people now could be preferrable to telling them when the truth comes out on its own, but I would've liked to see those points raised on-screen or something.

Of course, there is NO actual mass panic WHATSOEVER as a result, only a few raised voices of the press and a couple deckhands who squabble and then get totally over it, so, apparently the civilians on this show are really rational and well-behaved. I'll take that into account in the future.

The still thing = AAAAAWESOME. I rewound that and watched it like four times. I heart the deck gang.

Helo/Boomer = I still feel that this "love" thing is a brotherly comrade-in-arms thing, but I'm also aware that I'm wrong, because the evidence all points to squeee. Hmm. Also, I love that ALL the Six models are total sluts. And the shot of Six beating the crap out of Boomer in front of Caprica City is the prettiest thing this show has done so far (I don't mean that in an 'oooh, catfight' sense, even though that's exactly what I yelled at the TV, but that the backdrop was just gorgeous). And I cheer along with everyone else who thinks Helo is the most heroic character on this show, yay.

Tyrol/Boomer = OMG NO!! Well, there goes a perfectly good 'ship. *mutters* I loved them since the miniseries with the gimbals and the random sex and making out! However, my sadness at seeing them break up was kind of mitigated by the fact that Boomer really didn't seem to care one way or the other. I also kind of doubt that the coolness is over here, since Tyrol is all BLINDED BY LOVE, or he was, but he also knows. And if she starts to tweak more she'll still run back to him, and that'll be interesting.


Hey, I just realized that Apollo wasn't in this episode at all. Was he? Maybe he was... er... um. On vacation?

Of special note: the photographs of the Cylon dudes were rectangular instead of... octagonular. Octangular? I don't think there's an English word for that. But there probably is on Galactica. I'm now going to watch and see if things Cylon-related are rectangular instead of... actually, no, I'm not, because it was probably just an accident, and someone in the prop department went "I KNEW I forgot to do something that day!!!" when they saw the episode on TV.

In other news, when they hauled Adama in for questioning, it totally made me go "OMG! What if he's a CYLON!? Wouldn't that be a twist????" And then I realized that he and Lee are really the only people who can't be Cylons, because of the whole genetically-related-and-have-known-each-other-FOREVER thing. Or can they? I guess that depends on whether besyd is right about Cylons being able to copy existing humans or not.

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