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Have received MOST JOYFUL BOX OF JOY EVER from liminalliz!! Eeee! THERE IS A DRAWING OF A COW ON IT! With a little note to tell me that it is a cow!

And I have learned that, to my mother, Disney stickers (DISNEY STICKERS!!!) = LOVE.

Mumsey: *looking at decorations on unopened box* "What's a Sinful W Girlfriend"?


*tweaking and opening of box and me squeaking about the cuteness of the cartoon COW and how I am never going to be able to throw away the box OF JOY!*

Me: It's a BLANKET!!

Because, of course, I live up North where it is COLD. (I will call it my llama blanket although it is totally unrelated to llamas. Liz? If we ever develop pet names for each other that do not involve the word "wench", they will involve the word "llama", okay?)

And then there are OTHER THINGS hiding under the blanket and I continue to squeak and be delighted and camp out on the floor of the kitchen to go through my new TOYS.

Me: Mumsey! Disney stickers!

Mumsey: ... is this girl in love with you?

Me: It's a mutually pretend relationship that we pretend is not pretend.

Mumsey: Look, she sent you a card, too!

Me: This is TOTALLY the best relationship I've ever had! *does not read love poem on card aloud but snickers because card says 'feelings' in bold print and I bet that Liz was thinking of Divide & Conquer as she picked it out HEE*

YAYYYYY!! THANK you! Squeeee!! :)

5 good things about today:


2. Dinner with Kaya discussing hot hot men. :) And decorating a last-minute present for her that I left for her outside her program room which I *hope* does not disappear if she doesn't see it... eep!

3. Really calm quiet day. The one-moment-at-a-time thing worked really well. At least, it did for me. I'll bet the customers would've appreciated me getting a little more worked up when I screwed stuff up, but at least *I* was enjoying myself! ;)

4. Had more than enough time all through the day to get places, to eat, and to chill out between things. AWESOME.

5. Blanket!! Gets joy TWICE!

3 things I did well:

1. New closing procedure! Nothing exploded. Old dog has learned new tricks.

2. Volunteered for special projects and followed through on them.

3. Started food chart thing and did meal plan thing, w00t.


p.s. daygloparker? We just got the book "The Devil Wears Prada" in my store. It is officially the only book in the store that has absolutely nothing to do with yoga, health or spirituality at all. I thought of you. :) (And went "OOOH!" and totally almost bought it and mailed it to you until I realized that you probably named your website *after* the book instead of it being a totally random coincidence. I AM SO BRIGHT.)

p.p.s. just to add to the JOY, *finally* uploaded ashism's Sheppard/Weir moodtheme!! *squeee*

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